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Today, while blissfully unaware that it was the anniversary of the 9/11 attacks, I was making paper airplanes during my free period in school. Next thing I know, I was reported for, "making jokes about the 9/11 attacks." FML
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It's only making fun of 9/11 if OP purposefully crashed the paper planes. If they got upset just for him flying them, I'd say they're being a bit over sensitive. 9/11 was a tragedy, but it doesn't make such simple activities suddenly taboo.

My gosh everybody on top is getting down voted. Regardless of what they say OP, that is an exceedingly stupid thing to get in trouble for. It is a paper airplane. People are getting way to sensitive. I understand that 9/11 affected thousands and thousands of people, but it is a freaking paper airplane.


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I didn't remember until I checked my timehop today. I just didn't realize it was the 11th. Even if he did realize, I think they are really stretching things to assume he was mocking the attack.

If OP is at school, chances are they're too young to have even been alive when it happened. We don't make such a big deal over the anniversary of wars ending or starting, saying "you can't play games like Cod!", so why OP should be punished for making planes is ridiculous. The only event that everyone goes crazy about happened 14 years ago, whereas several years later there was an event in London which doesn't get half as much media coverage nor do people go on about like it's the second coming of Christ.

I never remember as 9/11 to me means the 9th of November! So I always have to think when someone mentions it.

#91 because every country other than the usa uses dd/mm/yy. you know, the logical order.

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In countries such as Australia we display the date as: day/month/year. So what #69 is saying is that we represent 9/11 as 11/9/01. 9/11/15 is the 9th of November.

#60 I don't think nearly as many people died in the London event. Also, it's probably much more memorialized in England. And then, it wasn't the first major attack from a foreign entity that England experienced. England has a long history of terrorism and attacks from foreign nations. America doesn't, so the attack on 9/11 was that much more shocking.

Ninth day if the eleventh month (November), as opposed to the eleventh day of the ninth month (September).

the 9th... of November.... the 11th month of the year... 9...11... common sense..?

Yeah except few people say the [day] of [month], they just say [month], [day]. Sounds better that way

#107. This really bugs me (especially since having spoken in the comments with you before, so I know you should know better :p) but the country is the UK, not England. England may have the highest population, but it is only 1/4 of our country. But yes, 7/7 is memorialised over here. Although we actually get slightly wider news coverage for 9/11 for some reason. But yeah, we get a lot. Especially since we are basically the country that invented terrorism when it comes to Ireland. In fact, there was a terrorist attack just the other day that is receiving minimal coverage here.

The UK is not one singular country though, it's a collection of countries. #107 was perfectly fine just saying England. I do not understand your comment at all.

The UK is a single country made up of 4 (5 if you class Cornwall) smaller countries due to a constitutional error. All 4 of them have had terrorist attacks, and 7/7 (the attack 107 was talking about) was a UK wide attack that started in London.

Dd/mm/yy is the logical order. Days are the shortest measurement of time (of the three), then month, then year is the longest. Logical. And either England or UK is acceptable when talking about the London bombings as they were in England. If they'd been in Wales, Scotland or Northern Ireland that would be different.

These attacks were as memorable and shocking to my generation as the last terrorist attack from another country on American soil, which was Pearl Harbor, was to my grand parent's generation. Other countries probably mourn their dead from major tragedies in their own way. But you shouldn't be punished do forgetting if you're too young to remember the event.

it isn't much more memorialised in England at all actually

New York doesn't necessarily mean New York City.

Don't know if you know this, but, uh, the state of New York is kind of ******* massive, so...

Honestly i forget the date all the time. Some people have a lot of things on their mind or just don't care about what ******* day it is

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YDI for making paper airplanes in school in the first place... FYL for having god awful timing

Yes. No student ever does menial activities to distract themselves throughout a full day of school. That would be simply absurd. Call the authorities and get him deported, for he is obviously a terrorist against the school system.

Also, 5, it says OP was making them in his free period, not a regular class.

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National HOLIDAY? Are you kidding? That is an tragedy, not a holiday.

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It's like you intentionally wanted your comment to get voted down. You can't seriously think someone in their right mind would make a "holiday" out of a tragic event.

It's already a holiday: Patriot Day. But it's so important to you that you already knew that, right?

If 9/11 was a national holiday, then I wouldn't be in school right now... What happened was a tragedy... Not a holiday

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@63 It's a holiday, it's just not a federal holiday. You don't get a day off for Valentine's day or St. Patrick's day, do you? Both of those are national holidays.

90, neither of those are national holidays.

Should we make the sinking of the titanic a holiday #7? It hurts for some, but it's been fourteen years. We won't remember this in eighty years any more than the titanic

People do remember the Titanic, dumbass. It's been over 100 years, not 80. And people will remember 9/11 too. Your whole comment is a mess, honestly.

yeah a holiday out of a tragic event. Holidays for earthquate, cyclone, volcano eruption etc. Wait...even if there is a holiday, school will still open since you are badly in need to go to school!

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But does are days of celebration and fun. Not death

By your logic Pearl Harbor should be a Holliday too, and how about the Oklahoma City bombing while we're at it. These are tragic events to be remembered, not celebrated.

"Tragic event". So Americans dying is a tragedy but murdering thousands of innocent Muslims in the name of peace is justified. You make me sick.

we ant supposed to forget, but how quickly we do! we are at this very moment importing isis into or country. do people really believe that isis hasn't already infiltrated the refugees. they are also coming in from our porous border. they say don't forget, then set us up for demolition

Tell them it was a coincidence. If there just, they'll understand. It could be the reportee was personally affected by 9/111. That or someone was just being mean.

Can someone explain why this comment was voted down so much? #8 was giving honest and genuine advice to better the situation that warranted the FML and using his head to suggest reasons it might have happened in the first place. I don't see what's wrong with it.

there is nothing wrong with it. it's probably the 9/111 thing.

Lol I forgot aswell but I didnt **** up like you did

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I agree. Everyone ragging on OP for forgetting, he is in school. There is a good chance he wasn't even alive when 9/11 happened.

It's easy to forget what day/date it is and really, following this teacher's logic then all real aircraft should be banned on this date because, flying anywhere is making fun of the attacks.

congratulations on making the first comment not to get down voted

I know everyone says never forget, which is true because we shouldn't but I'm also not going to blame you and say YDI. It's incredibly easy to forget what day it is, whether we are talking the day of the week or month, I'm assuming you wouldn't have done that if you had remembered what day it was. I am surprised they didn't say anything on your morning announcements and that you didn't see anything on social media, but I'm not going to say YDI just because you forgot what day of the month it was, that wouldn't be fair because that happens to everyone. You could've thought it was the 10th and that the 11th was tomorrow for all I know, it's not hard to mix up what the date is

You make it sound like he shouldn't have been making paper airplanes though. you've only really addressed the possibility of a date mixup.

Well, he is in school, a place to study. I wish I had a free period when I was in school, I might have done my home work instead of going home after work and going to bed and failing so many classes. that free period is a perfect time to get help on anything you need help with, or just get caught up on your work. Not to be a distraction to other students that may need the help. If you have nothing else to do, offer to help someone else that is struggling instead of being a distraction.

Yeah no, a free period is a free period to do what you want, if you failed classes because you didn't study or do homework in that period, you deserved your failures. You still have any and all freetime outside of school and work to do it. You can argue that you get home to late, but then I'm gonna respond with saying "if you aren't willing to miss sleep for a better grade, then you don't truly want the better grade" I just finished grade 12 with a 75 average (which contrasted my previous years 59 average greatly) This wasnt because i worked during my 3 free periods (i managed to only have 2 classes in my last semester) this was because i did my work when i had free time, and i had loads more free time at home than i did on a free period