By his word vs mine = me suspended - 10/08/2013 18:41 - United Kingdom - Stockport

Today, I was carrying a stack of paperwork at work, when my pen rolled off and onto the floor. As soon as I bent down to pick it up, a nearby co-worker, who's always hated me, accused me of putting on a show and sexually harassing him. He actually followed up by reporting me to HR. FML
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The bend and SNAP! It's a totally legitimate method. I've used it myself.


Maybe he just had a good view ;). No, but seriously, im sorry OP that really sucks.

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Or if she went commando that day, a really good view :)

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You must just be that damn sexy that you can't help but pick up a pen off the ground seductively. :)

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What a jerk, forget him explain to your boss that's all that matters. Squash it ASAP though for the sake of ur job. Good Luck op

Make sure you tell HR he made the complaint because he was afraid you where going to complain about his off color comment when you where bent over. Flip it back on the jackass.

Judging by OPs name, it did not turn out well for her.

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Tell me again how his sexuality is even slightly relevant?

thank you for the completely inappropriate comment. he is just a pervert.

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Hopefully they see how ridiculous he is being.

The bend and SNAP! It's a totally legitimate method. I've used it myself.

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I prefer the bait and switch.

personally..i like the stab and twist =D

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Don't forget the bitch and moan...

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OMG! The bend and snap "works every time"!!! XD

Unless you have a problem with HR, you should be able to easily show that you weren't in any wrong. Plus, if you can get some witnesses who can help verify your story, that will help. Sorry you work with such an ass, OP

I think OP might also be able to report HIM for sexual harassment

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66 two wrongs don't make a right

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That doesn't always work. Case in point: if you're wearing certain skirts....

Then don't bend quickly? What kind of skirts don't allow you to bend at the knees?