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Today, I had to sneak out of work to get my daughter from her school. Apparently, she had thought that hurling a bowling ball down the stairs during the lunch hour rush would make her cool. In actual fact, it made her expelled. FML
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Bigger than mine. My parents would have be le shit out of me

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No, I believe the reason she was expelled is because she no longer has balls.

Don't get fired for sneaking out to pick up your Expelled daughter. One is enough for today.

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Apprently bowling balls. Where do you even find those in a school?

46 daddy probably has one that she snuck in

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Was she dared or something because since when is throwing a bowling ball down the stairs "cool"? Does this happen in anyone else's school lol

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Anybody know where she got the bowling ball in the first place?

#8 This isn't 9gag, please express all of your "le" on their website.

OP dropped the ball teaching his kid to think before she acts.... Lol

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I think your daughter might have some issues

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She was testing gravity. At least she wasn't discussing it in a cemetery.

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Actually if she got three strikes in bowling that'd be a good thing. :p Now gunder balls would be bad.

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I know but i want to see how many negatives i can get! i think around 50 in three hours or so. Would you care to make a guess?

No guess, but I'd be happy to contribute to your goal.

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Don't thumb him down just leave him there

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Nah, he/she deserves it!!! >:)

44, A strike in bowling is when you knock down all the pins in 1 go.

44 is a noob it's his/her first comment it's not his/her fault. But (s)he'll learn.

44- Three* Baseball* And also, you're the "dumb ass"

I edited my comment because initially I forgot what was spelled wrong (three and baseball). The edit didn't work and now I clearly am the dumb ass. This is what I get for trying to correct someone- for the first time might I add.

Threads like this are why I come on FML. Not only can you see dumbasses and trolls in their natural habitat, you also get to see them told off.

^^everyone leave this thread or richard simmons will smite you.

"Strike three" is a baseball reference. Try again.

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I moderated this ! yay me * London tipton clap*

At least she will be remembered as the girl who got expelled.

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Thank the Lord. I was afraid she would have been named "Most Likely to Succeed" or "Valedictorian." No, no, this is much better.

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Those first 6 words, in 4's comment, mean close to the world to a good number of high schoolers. (I'm giving a reason why the daughter might have done such a stupid act)

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Being expelled is the least of her worries. Better get ready for all the assault charges.

There were too many tall white kids wearing red necklaces.

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who were also slightly chubby

You really needed to sneak out? Wouldn't you be allowed out to help your children?

Not all bosses allow their employees to leave unless it is a medical emergency.

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I don't know if my comment didn't add or it was thumbed down. I moderated this. Yay.

Today, my mom snuck out of work to come pick me up from school. She thought hiding my expulsion would make her look like a better parent, but instead it made her look unemployed. FML

That was, by far, one of the stupidest comments I have ever read on FML.

You realize that you aren't clever, right? These comments are always the worst.

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Guys, shhh. The puppy is sleeeping... ^

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10, was your FML regarding the scared puppy ******** on the carpet? :)

no, OP's daughter did though. and you have to admit, it would be pretty interesting to see a bowling ball roll down the stairs at school

Not as cool as a dog rocking the guitar!

haha i've seen that at school actually! it's alright if you're into that sort of thing :p

35 - Not if you're the one being hit by it.

I'm not a kid... And I think it's pretty boss

Ilovesuju - The fact that you used "boss" as an adjective invalidates your entire argument. Not to mention the fact that you are indeed a "kid" if either of the people in your profile pic is you.

Ok well people use that statement all the time so I guess I'm just used to it now, I never thought of analyzing it. Plus my picture was of me, I'm a girl,but I recently changed it and the picture I have now is of a guy in the band "super junior" hence my name "Ilovesuju". It's a celebrity crush.

And I'm 17, I was talking age-wise, but my personality is still very much like a child haha, I love it

Suju - 17 is very much a kid, trust me. I know, a lot of 17-year olds seem to think they are adults and can take care of themselves. You don't see it until you're well past it, believe me.

well dont stereotype all 17 year olds as kids

LOL you think at 17 you aren't still a kid? Even legally you're still a child by law, at least in Australia, and as far as I know that applies in all western countries. Hell, you can't even drink in the US yet, kid.

whoops,looks like your right, but this isnt worth arguing over so i dont know why you guys care so much about proving if im a kid or not lol