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Today, I went to get new shoes. I'm a pretty tall girl and I have proportional feet. I asked the cute guy who worked there for a size 9.5. He burst into laughter before putting on a shocked face and saying, "Oh wait... You're serious." Goodbye, self esteem. FML
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olpally 32

What a dick. Shove one of your shoes straight up his ass...

9.5 isn't even a huge size, I know of women with size 11 feet. Honestly, no one notices your feet, don't worry about it!


olpally 32

What a dick. Shove one of your shoes straight up his ass...

MzZombicidal 36

I have a size 10.5 feet and finding shoes to fit is so hard! It can be pretty embarrassing. Not to mention finding anything else to fit my tall frame. Don't feel bad, OP! Or any other of you bigger (or smaller!) gals. You're all beautiful!

olpally 32

Yeah, she shouldn't feel too bad because of this one prick. Glad you're able to find shoes for your body frame/feet.^^

They're not feet, they're hooves.

ElementaryEdGuy 18

Oops...reply to wrong comment (edited)

challan 19

I'm 5'6" and wear a size 8.5 or 9 depending on if it's a heel or sneaker. I'm gonna shove my hoof up your keister, man. Oh, and to Op, it's the average size for women now, so no worries!

#31 ya seeing as you are a horse thats probably pretty difficult, i feel your pain...

iammeorami 25

Hey! I'm size 9.5.

K410 18

Hey tall women are hot, I'd rather date someone close to six feet than someone who's too tiny for me to kiss properly haha

I'm a girl and I have size 9.5 feet. They're not that big, it's just a little harder to find some decent shoes.

Agreed. Tall women are sexy. I'm 6'0, and I'd love to date a woman as tall as me.

Sodapop40 21

I'm 5'11" girl with size 10-11 feet. I feel that they're in proportion with my body, so I don't feel that bad. But it is hard to find nice shoes...

6'2" here, and 12,5-13 in men's size.. I have a hard time finding shoes at all sometimes. Worst part is, most cool shoes I find looks terrible in such size.

FeatherTips 10

Yeah, I wear a size 12 in women's for dress shoes, but have to go to the men's section for tennis shoes, also a 12. This is proportional as I'm 5'11", but it's still a pain.

I'm from england so we have different shoe sizes here, and I was just reading through the comments without really understanding what size your feet actually are. but then I googled it and found out that it's a UK 7, which is the same size as my feet and I'm only 5'4 and wouldn't say I have very big feet..this guy sounds like an asshole to me, buy your shoes somewhere else in future!

You know what they say about women with big feet right? *crickets* ehh. Big shoes.

Big socks as well I would imagine.

What do they say about women with big feet?

Well fuck him very much.

Yes! Don't care about what he thinks, OP. I wear sizes 9-10. (just depending on the shoe and if the brand runs small) I'm also five foot six. Big feet just run in the family. You shouldn't care what that prick thinks. Shoe size does not matter one bit! If you're looking for comfort, buy shoe brands like Converse. They run large and wide. I wear a size eight in that brand. And if you have trouble finding heals/wedges ect. go on one of those shoe dazzle sites. They have all sizes and are pretty cheap. Good luck OP! Rock those feet!

9.5 isn't even a huge size, I know of women with size 11 feet. Honestly, no one notices your feet, don't worry about it!

I am one such woman with size 11 feet. It is such a mission finding shoes, let me tell you.

that must be the longest shoe shopping tour ever

@#4 peggy hill has size 13 in womens lol

Peggy Hill from King of the Hill? I must've missed that part!

ElementaryEdGuy 18

Peggy Hill is a size 16 1/2. My sister wears a size 13, though. Oh, and that's in men's sizes. :P

I'm a size 9/10. I just look in the guys' section because it's so much easier.

xStaciexLynnx 15

Most Payless stores carry up to a size 13 women's and I can almost guarantee nobody would judge you in the store because its so normal there.

Yeah I also wear a 9.5 and I know many people who also wear that size shoe.

MerrikBarbarian 9

I'm a size 4/5. Opposite end of the spectrum. I usually get kids shoes because nothing else fits. I've had a few people laugh when I'm in a rush needing new sneakers and end up having to get Dora the explorer shoes.

I have a friend who is 6ft tall and wears a size 12. Not sure if that's mens or womens, but she and her husband share flip flops and tennis shoes. :) I'd say that's a win. Less money spent on shoes.

Try having mens size 14 feet when you're a female, it's pretty much impossible to find anything.

Please i'm 14 and wear an 11

I have size 11 and while it used to be impossible to find shoes, I rarely have trouble anymore. Size 9.5 isn't big at all - I've never had anyone make fun of my feet, even in grade school where they make fun of EVERYTHING! Don't let that. Douche get you down. Own those feet! You'll have better balance and do better at sports than others. :) Oh, and I second the comment on Payless. They are awesome!

kitkat2014 6

I have size 11 feet and I'm a girl. My favorite brand for tennis shoes is Nike. They always have size 11 in women's. I'm always embarrassed when I go bowling and have to ask for a men's 10 1/2. There's only one bowling place in my area that actually has a women's 11.

Where do drag queens get their shoes?

I never really thought having 9.5 feet was unusual, especially if you're tall, because I'm 5'4" and wear a 9.5. I wonder where she was shopping at.

90sbaby 10

Yes, I'm a 17 year old female that's 6'1, and I actually now wear a 13 Wide in men shoes (only ones that fit me). In middle school I reached up to a 12 in women's. I'd love size 9.5 feet! :P I feel like a giant.

Size 9 is pretty average, I thought.

sammyjanette 17

You need to be more comfortable with yourself. 9.5 is not that big. There's a problem if some random shoe store employee can seriously damage your self esteem. Seriously, who cares what he thinks? He has to work around stinky feet all day!

Exactly what I was thinking... I wear an 11 and don't give a crap what others think. Being tall is a good thing: no shame in it OP!

For all you ladies with big feet, here are some famous women with big feet: Elle Macpherson - 13 Kate winslet - 11 Images thurman - 11 Paris Hilton - 11 Oprah Winfrey - 11 Audrey Hepburn - 10.5 Cindy Crawford - 10 Jackie Kennedy - 10 Notice a couple are supermodels? Nothing wrong with big feet. Get out there and own them!!

perdix 29

#122, who the hell is Images Thurman? Impressive list, otherwise. Related fun fact: Cranberry Juice Simpson has remarkably small feet for a football star/double-murderer.

Uma**** lol Technology making me look stupid.

perdix 29

#151, you're preaching to the choir, girlfriend!! I tried to put "O. J." and fucking auto-correct thought I should use "Cranberry Juice." I don't have a bladder infection, dammit!

davikiin 6

My wife's feet are size 11. They're dainty and cute, to me. Course I wear 14s...

*nod* Size is relative. I'm super short and wear 9.5s. Don't let idiots command your day!

There are bigger sizes than 9.5, and if you're tall, then you shouldn't feel bad about having big feet!

Yeah. I'm a size 10.5 and my friend is an 11. It's not that uncommon, and you shouldn't put much importance on what some random asshole says.

zen1979 16

Who cares about feet anyway? Of all the women I've dated, all the women I've ever even known, I couldn't tell you the size or a single distinguishing feature of their feet. It's just not something I pay attention to. And I even give foot rubs!!! Lol

Exactly what I was thinking. I don't know many guys who base their girlfriend choice on the size of their feet. "Oh you're a 9.5? Sorry, the lady before you was a 9 and I turned her down." That doesn't happen. Be confident OP, you're beautiful!

MzZombicidal 36

Thumbs up for the foot rubs!

You could have asked for three sizes smaller to avoid the embarrassment, just a little joke. Who's to say that he would see the humor in it though?

ApollosMyth 22

But...but that would have accomplished nothing...?

9.5 really isn't all that big? I just read that the average American women wears a size 8 1/2 - 9 shoe.

kitkat2014 6

Well then I guess OP is above average (in a good way) and so am I with my size 11.

Size 10 over here