By distracted - Canada - Victoria
Today, I went out for lunch with a guy I hadn't seen in a couple of months. He seemed to be staring at my chest quite a bit, but I wasn't too bothered by it. Turns out there was still an XL sticker on my shirt. FML
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  ryry013  |  6

I think he was trying to make a joke about how her shirt was "large" but his personality.... was also? I don't know, something like that.

  capper44  |  18

#3 pointing out this kinda thing is not easy, as once at our drive trough a girl was looking for her money everywhere however i saw her money poking out of her bra. Damn i totally didnt know how to say that and started looking other side, so that she dont think that i am looking at her boobs lol haha

  ThePsyche  |  9

I'm sure doc will not stop. He will survive, yes he will survive.. For as long as he shall live he'll know how to stay alive he will survive!

(I think those lyrics are completely wrong)

By  BlowinChronic  |  18

Ahh I hate those stickers! I normally notice then about halfway into my day at school, but FYL op I'm not sure why that caused him to just stare at your chest the whole time...

  PaulB123  |  11

...the sticker. The sticker is what caused him to stare.
Edit: I now see that you wrote "not sure why that cause him to stare" vs "not sure what caused him to stare". My apologies.