By anon - 09/09/2013 21:51

Today, while working as a cashier, a really cute guy came up and said, "Hi Morgan". I freaked out and asked him how he knew my name. He then replied, "You have a name tag". FML
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man I was really expecting atleast one or two "clever girl" type comments

I say **** your life for him thinking you're really stupid and ydi for freaking out

#20 - First of all, I doubt that the guy ever thought OP was stupid, and second, something that you never really look at can be easily forgotten, especially when it's a little clip-on. I don't know about you, but I don't normally have to look down to remember my name.

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Why'd you go as anonymous? We know who you are Morgan.

I have a name tag with my uniform, but people don't say my name that often so the couple times it comes up it catches me off guard...

58 it sounds very creepy when say that, doesn't it Morgan

I'm curious to what she means by freaking out. Kind of embarrassing but not really a FML moment in my opinion.

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Good first impression you left there.

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I would have asked if he was a wizard

Yeah it would have been priceless to say, "you're a wizard Harry." Then his eyes widen like, "how the hell did you know my name?"

I understand. I have this new teacher this year who I kind of have a crush on and she asked me what my classes are and I completely blanked. All I could say was, "I don't remember." It happens to the best of us

Sometimes when I get customers they will say "thanks" or "how are you" then say my name after and for a second I'm thinking "how do they know my name what the hell" then I realize I have a name tag and my name comes up on the screen.. There's nothing unusual about a cashier forgetting they have a name tag on, especially if an attractive person has you stunned for a moment

I never used to forget, because I used to use the weirdest names I could find out of the extra name tag bin. My favorite was Winston.

I know a guy named Winston, it's a unique name. Where I work we have to use our own name tags and they must be worn at all times unless we're on a break but it's still easy to forget its there

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I wouldn't worry about it too much, you just got surprised. Bye Morgan

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You aren't too good with the guys are you?