By staringisrude - 27/08/2009 23:00 - United States

Today, at work, I was putting away clothes in the Men's department, when a guy came and started shopping in the aisle in front of me. He kept staring at me non-stop. Getting fed up, I said "What are you staring at?" Turns out he was wearing his sunglasses on the back of his head. FML
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nikkiandyou 0

hmmm, was the person like bald or osmething, or have like scalp wrinkles that made it look likes lips? funny....but weird..i dont get how you could have mistaken it

FHL, he had to meet you.


FHL, he had to meet you.

iceman48_fml 0

LMAO I agree. Whatta bitch...

fmlfmlfml15 0

I don't know why everyone is automatically assuming that she was cussing him out, when she clearly asked "What are you staring at?" I'm sure she was cautious about what to say to him, with her job at stake and everything. But what I don't get is....why would someone wear sunglasses on the back on his head??? Is he just that weird? Then, i don't blame the OP for getting creeped out, because from the way i'm picturing the FML is my head, it kinda of looked like the guy was staring at her. But how come the OP didn't realize there wasn't any nose or mouth, or the fact that his ears were turned the wrong way. And unless he was bald, wouldn't you notice that their is hair all over the guy's face????

In the original FML she said "What the fuck are you staring at?" but it got edited in the meantime.

nikkiandyou 0

hmmm, was the person like bald or osmething, or have like scalp wrinkles that made it look likes lips? funny....but weird..i dont get how you could have mistaken it

Sun_Kissed18 25

Yeah I agree, kinda sounds weird.. maybe fake? Or FHL to the guy with the glasses for having a second face on the back of his head.

Not to mention that you think she'd notice the back of his jeans or his shoes facing the wrong way. Or even his arms moving "behind" him awkwardly. But you really shouldn't talk to customers like that, no matter how creepy you think they're being. It not only makes you look bad, but it makes your whole company look bad.

Maybe she just saw him out of the corner of her eye

Trebie 6

It said he was shopping the next aisle over, so maybe all she saw was the top portion of his "face" and therefore didn't see his lack of nose/mouth? That is my assumption. I'm just curious as to why, if he was wearing sunglasses, did she automatically think he was looking at her anyway?

NaziZombie 0


more like 5th?

BB14_fml 0

Huge failure

ky_stone22 0

just wondering, how did you not see the hair covering his entire "face" (unless he was bald) and lack of nose and mouth? or maybe I read this wrong...

agreed. it's not often you see someone with no nose, mouth, ears, or chin and hair covering half of their face.

Dabookofnothing 0

well maybe like she wasnt necesarilly paying antention to his face like just saw the glasses out of the corner of her eye.

i agree. if you think someone's staring at you, you don't generally stare just try your best to pretend it's not happening and that you don't feel awkward.

capthavoc123 0

This is completely fake. If you were paying attention enough to think he was staring at you nonstop, you would have realized it was the back of his head.

wow. how on earth do you miss that one? A+ fail.

..........fake. And if not, you're a frakking moron.

medusachic666 0

Love your use of frakking. Watching BSG right now, lol

YDI, just let the guy wear his sunglasses like a jackass in peace.

shaZamy 0

rage much

Reeen 0

um. Did you not notice his hair.. Or lack of a face. You deserved it. That's just stupid