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By Anonymous - 28/06/2012 02:28 - United States - Lakewood

Today, while walking around the local thrift store, I noticed an attractive guy watching me and following me through the aisles. As he followed me to my car I was sure I would get his number. He then asks me to bring my purse inside as I had been tagged as a shoplifter. I work at the store. FML
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So what did you steal...his heart?

Seems like a strange thing for some guy to do... Going around accusing others of shoplifting. Especially if he doesn't work there.


That's great!!

Well. Its a good way to break the ice if she wants to flirt with him.

TarieBoo 2

getting accused of being a lifter at the own place you work at? yeah super

Idk about Washington but where I live in Indiana once you are in the parking lot the store no longer has authority. Yes he can call the cops by which you will have been long gone but there is no means of force a person can take to make you go back into the store regardless... Let's say they saw you waking out of the store with a tv that they knew you stole.. a finger could not be legally touched unless by a cop... Remember that shoplifters. Even if in store they can ask you to unload your purse or whatever but you don't have to comply unless confronted with the authority.

Same with Ontario, while in the parking lot you are still considered private property, they can Approach you and ask for you to come inside or ask if they can see your stuff. You can say no, but that's how it is here. Once you leave the parking lot, you're only the cops problem, not the store's security and police.

Person: Ma'am could you please come inside? You have been suspected for shoplifting. OP: Dude, I work here Person: I'm not falling for it!! OP: No seriously... Person: that's it, I'm calling the cops

#1 fails, but we know that. OP may not have been in uniform or something because if you work somewhere then you would be wearing a shirt with the store logo on it in say the upper left hand corner.

That's so weird, in Canada you have to be past the point of sale and exited the store to make the citizens arrest to prove not only thought and intentions of theft but actual theft

Not true honey. With the Canadian judicial system the person has to actually have exited the store to show they had full intent of shop lifting. If arrested while still in the store it's recognized within the courts that the perpetrator could have changed their mind.

weren't wearing your uniform?

Thrift stores are more casual than department stores so they might not have uniforms.

Good point. I think she should just explain herself and ask for his number anyways.

TarieBoo 2

But if theyre both workers there...they should know she works there?

unknown_user5566 26

Uniforms? I just go to work naked. No one else does that...? Interesting... ;)

Naked? Sounds like my kind of place

Maybe the guy was hired just to catch employees stealing. So he might know she works there but she doesn't know he does.(:

33- you're fired. Get outta my sight. Wait.. Okay now leave.

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Seems like a strange thing for some guy to do... Going around accusing others of shoplifting. Especially if he doesn't work there.

Maybe he was an undercover cop?

Who said he didn't work there? Secret shoppers exist.

No one say he didn't. I said IF he doesn't work there.

Chances are it was an in store protection officer and as a customer, at least where I am from, the customer can refuse to empty the contents of their purse/bag (unless to an actual cop) however an employee can be searched like that so, chances are the guy knew she worked their.

And maybe he was searching her so he could feel OP up.

rachilio 26

It was likely a mystery shopper. My mom was/is one and they never tell you they're coming or who you are. Often they don't even tell you when you do something wrong unless told too or, like in this case, as tagged as a shoplifter. They typically write reviews when back at home.

aprilita 8

Good conversation starter...? Maybe not :p

Is stealing from a thrift store common???

22cute 17

My thought exactly, 41. Who shoplifts at a thrift store?

Well, did you get his number?

So what did you steal...his heart?

That's illegal. Served some time for that a while back.

Unfortunately 15 is correct, the stealing of vital organs is not allowed in most parts of the world :(

She was stealing new plates after hearing about the traumatic event with her friends dog licking plates in the dishwasher.

If he was the one who tagged you as a shoplifter, then forget him. Falsely accusing someone of something isn't the best way to start a relationship...

well could of been worse he could of called the police on you , just think for 15 mins you had a hot guy following you lol.

elletex 8

I'm sorry, I hate doing this, but...could have. Could HAVE.

Or he could have been a stalker and pushed you into his black van.

moonsxstars 6

Maybe it was an excuse to get to know you?

Oh yes. Whenever I want to get to know someone I always start off by accusing them of shop lifting...

"Did you steal something from that store?" "Uh.. No?" "Well, I'm about to steal your heart, girl." Is it just me, or does that not sound like it would go over well?

unknown_user5566 26

So some guy was following you around the store, and even out to your car, and the thought that he might be a creepy stalker never crossed your mind...?

I go to thrift stores and follow girls all the time. They seem to like it.

A guy I dated once found me by following me around a grocery store (striking up random conversations along the way) and then out to my car to get my number.

unknown_user5566 26

I thought you looked familiar! I was hoping you'd ask for my number... I'm hurt. :( ;)

unknown_user5566 26

24, that's slightly different, and seems more normal. At least that guy showed he had a reason for following you by having conversations. The security dude from this FML would've freaked me the hell out, attractive or not.

If I were followed with no contact all the way to my car the last thing I would be thinking is the guy is going to ask me out (like OP thought). I agree, him being attractive wouldn't change my mind.

eoko 12

They're secret admirers if they're cute.

40 - so that's how it works? Because all the girls think "Edward" is cute, they think it's sweet and romantic that he sneaks into a girls room to watch them sleep. Yes!I always knew he wasn't a stalker! hahahahahahahahahaha (total sarcasm here btw) :) and I'm sorry I couldn't resist

perdix 29

If he's attractive, he's not a "creepy" stalker, he's a hot stalker. Let the hunting begin!

MissNicky_fml 0

51- Why the fuck would you bring up twilight? Just to piss people off?? CONGRATULATIONS YOUR OFFICIALLY A DICK! Where did u see the words edward twilight or vampire in this fml? Ya didn't think so! So next time stay on topic or shut the fuck up asshole!

It's called an analogy, calm the hell down. Based on the analogy they used it made sense to have it there.

I think 51 was just trying to figure out the difference between "creepy stalker" and "hot guy following me everywhere", and was probably just using twilight as an example because it was a good one to use . I mean, I can see the point that was being made, Edward is kinda a creeper, slipping into Bella's room to watch her at night . I had the same thoughts about it at first, so I can see where 51 was coming from there .

LunaBee3105 3

seriously- if i noticed him watching and following me even out to my car, the possibility of getting his number would be the furthest thing from my mind. more or less i would be going over a hundred or more ways to make him bleed if he got too close for comfort XD

unknown_user5566 26

Perdix- So that means you don't put me in the "creepy" stalker category, right...? ...Right?! ;)

maybe it was because she tought he was cute

FMLworthy5000 21

I think attractiveness really does have an impact on how people react in these type of situations