By Anonymous - United Kingdom
Today, I overheard my mum tell my sister that she should make me a bridesmaid at her wedding. My sister scoffed, "She looks like Shamu, mum. I can't have THAT in my wedding pics." followed by laughter and my mum saying, "Touché." FML
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  Angelic_Author  |  16

The sister is a worthless bitch, OP should get revenge. Op should put lard in all of her sister's food. Then see how the cunt likes being called fat, by that I mean you should definitely call her a fatass bitch afterwards. Do it to your mom as well, then get in shape and laugh at them.


You shouldn't have to "get in shape" to teach someone a lesson. And besides, for all we know, OP isn't even big. Her family could have unrealistic standards and she is just a little outside that range. My sister calls me fat, and even when I was a bit overweight I was still much more healthy than her so it didn't even matter.