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Today, I overheard my mum tell my sister that she should make me a bridesmaid at her wedding. My sister scoffed, "She looks like Shamu, mum. I can't have THAT in my wedding pics." followed by laughter and my mum saying, "Touché." FML
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I'd rather not be in a wedding for anyone like that or not.


etoilenuit 15

I would've entered the room and called them out. Family or not, you have to stand up for yourself!

I wonder whats up with all the people talking ugly about others being ugly.

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SuckMeBeautifu1 24

@33 They were saying shes fat, not ugly. You can control being fat, unfortunately for ugly people though they cant control how they look.

SuckMeBeautifu1 24

Wow OP people can be so mean! You are beautiful, and majestic and extremely endangered. Everybody please join the cause and call 1-800 SAVE THE WHALES

I'd rather not be in a wedding for anyone like that or not.

Exactly. Even though she is family how could they do that.

The sister is a worthless bitch, OP should get revenge. Op should put lard in all of her sister's food. Then see how the **** likes being called fat, by that I mean you should definitely call her a fatass bitch afterwards. Do it to your mom as well, then get in shape and laugh at them.

You shouldn't have to "get in shape" to teach someone a lesson. And besides, for all we know, OP isn't even big. Her family could have unrealistic standards and she is just a little outside that range. My sister calls me fat, and even when I was a bit overweight I was still much more healthy than her so it didn't even matter.

Obviously, but in my opinion the revenge would be so much sweeter. These are only suggestions, something I would do.

I might not want to GO to the wedding of anyone like that, even if she is family.

octaviamarieb 18

tell them to kiss your ass and that you didn't want to do it anyways

chocolatefrog28 29

Family or not, I would have walked into the room and offered to "Blackfish" their asses for being so callous.

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You should've walked in and asked what they are talking about in a very sarcastic voice

If I was you I wouldn't even be her bridesmaid.. her lost!

Bridesmaid or not it's still her sisters loss x

Photobomb! Make sure you wear a black and white dress too.

deep_derp 9

i'd include a fountain to make it that much better :')

Id slap them. They deserve it for being so rude to you.