By Charlayyyy - 16/12/2010 02:30

Today, in art class, we made plaster masks. We were supposed to put Vaseline on our partner's face so the plaster didn't rip their facial hair out. My partner forgot to put it on my eye brows and eye lashes. My face is now completely hairless. FML
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that sucks, but why didn't you remind them? couldn't you feel where they put the Vaseline?


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how do people know baby butts are smooth? baby molesters.... :(

And because of them we now have that popular phrase. Pedophilia in the past didn't give the short-end of the stick apparently.

hehe. unless there is a girl named charlay (like that stupid show Charlie and Lola)the Op is a guy.. :D FYL

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ive changed babys diapers. there ass cheeks are just as soft as there face cheeks...(: oh BTW #1 yur cute :))

you're partner is smart, now they have extra lube

Garytt, some of us actually have children.

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This happened to me recently with my arms and legs. Yeowwch. If only I could be a woman for one day....

if that happened I'd probably take you out to a steak dinner, and never call you back.

#37 and #1 would make the most retarded pic with those 2 faces together lol

wouldnt you rather complain about the pain rather than the result? i think the pain would be worse

yes but the pain doesn't last as long as the hairlessness

you would have forgot too dumb ass, you would feel if there was Vaseline on your face

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Thank you! Someone who actually cares about spelling!


I am wondering how op did not notice Vaseline was not put on his face?

Read the post. They said Vaseline wasn't put on their eyebrows or eyelashes; not that their partner forgot to put it on their face entirely.

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Even so I would have made sure they got my eyebrows.

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well, if you're a girl, at least whatever upper lip hair you had is gone. if your a guy, fyl cause you have no upside to this. sorry.

Lol! At least you can cancel your waxing appointment!

that sucks, but why didn't you remind them? couldn't you feel where they put the Vaseline?

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If you knew that they didn't put the Vaseline on your face why didn't you say anything? Unless you have no feeling in your face.

I think your hottest Chick on this thingy! You wouldn't happen to be from the Los Angeles area would you?? :) lol

are you wearing clothes in your picture?!

maybe she is maybe she's not... bottom line is u shouldnt with a body like that

5- read the f*cling post. They did not say that their partner forgot to put Vaseline on their face. Just on the eyebrows and eyelashes.

hahah @ #60 good one... still sexy doh ;)

YOU should put some clothes on i mean god damn and ur still eating

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i would smash ypur back doors in

At least you don't have to pay a professional to do it! You can have perfectly draw-in eyebrows every time, now!

You would never get your eyelashes plastered in the makings of a mask. your FML is a major fail.

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looks like you have a dick around your neck if you just glance

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Actually, I've done this in my social studies class -artifacts- & my friend only forgot to put on her eyes. Come time to take the mask off, she screamed in pain as her eyelashes were pulled out. But I'm guessing your comment is ignorant or you just have REALLY short eyelashes & you don't think about others, bitch.

You're an idiot and have obviously never made a plaster mask before. Unless you're not molding it over your face, or (for whatever reason) only doing the lower half of your face OF COURSE your eyebrows are going to be covered by the plaster. You're a moron. Next time, don't comment unless you know what you're talking about.

#10 said you wouldn't have eyelashes in the plaster - not eyebrows. I'm not an art major, and I haven't made a plaster mask before, but really don't see how the eye lashes would be ripped out. Unless you are supposed to completely cover your eyelids in Vaseline and plaster? Pretty sure you're supposed to avoid eye contact with Vaseline, that doesn't seem like a good project.

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at least we know hair grows back lol

Or do we? And that is the question that will forever keep me awake at night. Or is the smell of a dead rat?