By Charlayyyy / Thursday 16 December 2010 02:30 /
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  blo0_starZz  |  0

Actually, I've done this in my social studies class -artifacts- & my friend only forgot to put on her eyes. Come time to take the mask off, she screamed in pain as her eyelashes were pulled out.

But I'm guessing your comment is ignorant or you just have REALLY short eyelashes & you don't think about others, bitch.

  birdofparadise  |  16

You're an idiot and have obviously never made a plaster mask before. Unless you're not molding it over your face, or (for whatever reason) only doing the lower half of your face OF COURSE your eyebrows are going to be covered by the plaster. You're a moron. Next time, don't comment unless you know what you're talking about.

  amypr  |  20

#10 said you wouldn't have eyelashes in the plaster - not eyebrows. I'm not an art major, and I haven't made a plaster mask before, but really don't see how the eye lashes would be ripped out. Unless you are supposed to completely cover your eyelids in Vaseline and plaster?

Pretty sure you're supposed to avoid eye contact with Vaseline, that doesn't seem like a good project.

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