By RaYan - 13/10/2008 08:22

Today, I thought it was yesterday, I went to school for nothing. FML
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xMooMoox 0

Today, I thought you were a moron. Tomorrow I will think the same.

slyvanilla_creme 0

happened to me last year on labor day...


slyvanilla_creme 0

happened to me last year on labor day...

rofl wth wuld u do dat?

JoshK9030 0

well op you go to school, and while no1 is there you knock out one of the janitors (preferably a mexican: some of em are really short) you then gotta take his keys and hide his unconcious body somewhere no1 will be able to find him. After so, you go into the school armed with a shitload of permanent markers, draw pentagrams all over ever board in the school along with other demonic symbols. when people see the janitor out cold, and satanic symbols in the school, they'll close the school for several weeks in order to investigate. and there you have it. instant vacation oh but If they catch u on camera... you're fucked :D

you are what I like to call a racist prick

Lisimal 7

I would like to see you try to do that in Mexico. We'll see whose unconscious body will be found. Racist son of a bitch.

veronica7 0

been there done that many times

#40: Your spelling gave me cancer.

The amount of times that's happened to me... Pwoah :P

Ahaha . I know exactly what you're talking about :P For some reason I always seem to forget it's a holiday. xD

Hahaha i did the opposite, accidentally stayed home on a school day... For some reason, my teacher didnt find it very funny

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ya woop de freken do

enzomankill 2

Don't be hattin bet it happened to u all the time

brianfantana32 10

How would you feel if that happened to you?

CantusVulpis 12

*is in love with 80's profile picture*

xMooMoox 0

Today, I thought you were a moron. Tomorrow I will think the same.

ILikePopCorn 0

hahahaha^^^ made my day.

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SulfurPlague 0

What happens the day after tomorrow?

xXCherrryBombXx 6

no. that doesn't work... it's just stupid. @66

my friend, that thought will last an eternity

happens, maybe have a calendar near by?

dnr928 0

October 13 wasn't a holiday, I don't think. and this is the type of FML that is either bullshit and very unimaginative, or would be posted ON that day.

theres other reasons why school can be closed, like teacher training days etc...

it might have been posted a few days later too

ItsNotTheTime 0

this is the worst attempt at being funny i've ever seen. even worse than date movie.

idiot that fml is almost as gay as the one were the guy says fuck my life for not taking a shower

Everyone makes a stupid mistake like that. It's minor and isn't worth crying over.

Bear62194 0

First of all this has been on fml before like 5 milloon times Second thats so stupid of you honestly