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well op you go to school, and while no1 is there you knock out one of the janitors (preferably a mexican: some of em are really short) you then gotta take his keys and hide his unconcious body somewhere no1 will be able to find him. After so, you go into the school armed with a shitload of permanent markers, draw pentagrams all over ever board in the school along with other demonic symbols. when people see the janitor out cold, and satanic symbols in the school, they'll close the school for sev


I would like to see you try to do that in Mexico. We'll see whose unconscious body will be found. Racist son of a bitch.


Hahaha i did the opposite, accidentally stayed home on a school day... For some reason, my teacher didnt find it very funny

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October 13 wasn't a holiday, I don't think. and this is the type of FML that is either bullshit and very unimaginative, or would be posted ON that day.

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