By Username - 23/11/2010 20:53

Today, at work, I handed an old man his drink, and our fingers accidentally brushed. He gave me a creepy wink and a smile, but I ignored it. He's now been sitting in the store for two hours watching me. Only 4 hours to go until I get off. FML
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You're going to be eaten up for your wording there, darling!~

^^sure you did...


sounds like my job...

just give him a hand and continue with your job.

OP you say it likes its a bad thing. i see it as an opportunity, just marry the guy and wait till he kicks the bucket and BAM! you are rich.

10 comment and picture win. And 27 made it better.

I certainly hope op isn't a guy :x

I wonder what happened after that?

Stalkers are fun!

You're going to be eaten up for your wording there, darling!~

I see what you did there.

30, It's implied that the 'old' man will take 4 hours to 'get off' too.

Mirorbo said she's going to be eaten up.

I would slap him :| I got slapping issues as you can see :P

then she'd most likely get fired

You deserve it for giving him alcohol.

She said a drink, not alcohol...

Better hope you can book it out of there before the old man catches you.

I feel your pain OP I had a stalker too. He would call me and say we should have phone sex. Or meet up at a hotel.


^^sure you did...