By jimmyironic - United States - Lorain
Today, while working for my grandma to clean her gutters, my gloves ripped to such a point that they became useless. There was more raccoon shit than leaves in the gutters and I had to clean it all with my bare hands. I'm talking 5 buckets worth of it. To top it off, the high today was a balmy 35° Fahrenheit. FML
jimmyironic tells us more :
for everyone telling me I should have grabbed a new set of gloves, believe me, I tried. I searched the entire house and asked my brother for gloves too. there were no others. I also had a date in 3 hours with my girlfriend and needed to get this done and get showered before it was time to leave. i didn't have money to run to the store to buy new gloves. And grandma wasn't home to loan me the money. Nor would she be home until about 30 minutes before I had to leave. So I just had to suck it up and clean them then. I also live pretty far from my grandma's house and wouldn't be able to see her again until Christmas. so this was my last chance to clean them before they were frozen solid.
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  IT_Worx  |  11

You have no idea bro... gutter cleaning isn't that easy and no one wants to do it. I did it twice. Latex gloves under gardening gloves. Works every time.

  jimmyironic  |  9

I had the latex gloves. just no gardening gloves. but yes, that is my usual method as well. I clean gutters as my actual job during fall. I had ripped my last pair of latex gloves and there were no other gloves of any kind in the house.

By  FlutterLoud  |  29

I hoped you washed your hands really good after that, sounds like her gutters needed to be cleaned a while ago.
Sorry OP, that really sucks.
No good deed goes unpunished.

By  soodytheboi  |  23

The way you describe cleaning your gutters makes it seem like a kid who was just made to clean his room by his mother and just found M&Ms that are older than him.

That's really disgusting. Clean your gutters more often, that way you get less shit at one time.


iirc, it really isnt until the first grade when you REALLY learn to read. though sometimes parents homeschool their kids reading lessons on their own. my moms friends kid could read at 2... it was crazy... >_>

By  tounces7  |  27

As a plumber who deals with feces all the time, I'm going to say that's not very smart. Handling poop with your bare hands is a good way to become very sick. If you were capable of ripping your glove open to that extent, who is to say you couldn't have done the same thing with your hands, while they were covered with crap? No joke, that's a good way to have to lose a hand permanently. Be smarter, OP, Grandma lived with shit-filled gutters for a long time, she can live with it long enough for you to get a new, better pair of gloves.