By Monique - 10/04/2011 06:50 - United States

Today, my head has been killing me. I've had the worst headache ever. Happy that I could finally sleep, I plopped onto my bed and bashed my head on the wall. FML
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jazziness 12

that's something I would do

hahaha from Australia


hahaha from Australia

Your bed is made out of wall?! Woah. :)

SirEBC 7

Sean, why do you still reply to the first comment?

MaskingTape 2

epic. you deserved it for being uncoordinated. or for your hate crime on walls.

I have my reasons. But none are good enough, so I oughtta stop it. (: We'll see.

hahaha from Canada

hahaha from the US... not that that's anything special.

haha you plopped!

BAHAHAH!!!! i mean so very sorry... BAHAHAH!!! ohmigod! roflmfmao!!!!!

wait a minute, when u 'plop' onto a bed how do you hit a wall. surely you must have terrible

hahaha from Australia

ImaWiseGuy 5

ydi for not just laying down like a normal person with a headache........

minniemouse61 0

wow...sux 4 u!! it'll b over soon enough though Be strong!! FYL

jazziness 12

that's something I would do

same!!! im clumsy..

Hello... It's called a headboard. Get one!

LOLLL ouchh. that happens to me a lot. fyl..feel better

Hmm, that sure is bad luck (or bad coordination). Get well soon :)

Did you dive into your bed? I fail to see how that would even be possible.

Maybe it's a waterbed!(:

Maybe it's a waterbed!(:

rebekahah 7

I usually do it when I forget how long the bed is and how far back the wall is. :/

Well at least you're not dead yet!

YwTwss 0

kamina is dead D:

So is the spiral king! :C

yet is the key word here lol

I've had that happen to me. FYL. Hope you get over the pain soon.