By Anonymous - 24/01/2011 19:43 - United States

Today, I was walking to bed in fancy panties and a tight black tank top. My husband exclaimed, "This is the best part about being a grown up!" He was talking about the ice cream he was eating in bed. FML
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UnanomousGurl 0

Lol those are the 2 best things! now how about u both mix icecream with your creams xD enjoy!

maybe you're just not hot! mmmmm ice cream......

razeleet 0

I'd pick ice cream over sex, who wouldn't? Who is with me?

Sydknee 8

cuz 55 never had sex in his life he don't know how good it feels

ehaile4 0

55 agree Dude low calories tho haha

Blackmail111 9

it is eating sweets in bed rocks

Garytt 0

Smear the ice cream all over your body

OtherHighlander 0

Then you don't let him leave the room until he eats it all

Haha he's definitely right ! When I grow older, I want to eat ice cream in bed mom !

maybe he was thinkin ice cream + you = a good very good time!!!!!!!! duh

Mans got a point, ice cream and sex-can you beat it?

It'll be a little awkward, but he could.

ZeeBest86 6

Cake, Ice cream, Sex, and a midget. Who doesn't love midgets?

Sports. Or video games. If he's watching/doing either, he wins.

Just say you have something else for him to eat.

Shutuptroll 0

You don't need a dirty mind to get it. You're just ******* retarded.

op should have lick lick licked him like a lollypop.

TheOmen46 1

he makes her wanna lick him like a wrapper :)