By Anonymous - 24/01/2011 19:43 - United States

Today, I was walking to bed in fancy panties and a tight black tank top. My husband exclaimed, "This is the best part about being a grown up!" He was talking about the ice cream he was eating in bed. FML
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i love ice cream too

Just say you have something else for him to eat.


i love ice cream too

Lol those are the 2 best things! now how about u both mix icecream with your creams xD enjoy!

maybe you're just not hot! mmmmm ice cream......

I'd pick ice cream over sex, who wouldn't? Who is with me?

agreed with 55 :)

Damn you lucky adults!

cuz 55 never had sex in his life he don't know how good it feels

55 agree Dude low calories tho haha

74 - I pity stupid people like you.

it is eating sweets in bed rocks

it is the best part

Ice cream cake is better. Especially the Dairy Queen kind.

Smear the ice cream all over your body

I second that motion.

Then you don't let him leave the room until he eats it all

Haha he's definitely right ! When I grow older, I want to eat ice cream in bed mom !

maybe he was thinkin ice cream + you = a good very good time!!!!!!!! duh

Mans got a point, ice cream and sex-can you beat it?

It'll be a little awkward, but he could.

Maybe cake, ice cream and sex?

32-lmao!!!! good one

Cake, Ice cream, Sex, and a midget. Who doesn't love midgets?

midgets are the best

Sports. Or video games. If he's watching/doing either, he wins.

Just say you have something else for him to eat.

She has pizza too?!?!

You don't need a dirty mind to get it. You're just fucking retarded.

lmfao, he's right :)

op should have lick lick licked him like a lollypop.

he makes her wanna lick him like a wrapper :)