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checks are usually delayed by a week when you first start a new job. it's most likely a check for only one week of work, not the full two that you worked. your next one will be full. chin up.

Isn't America supposed to be Great Again?


Isn't America supposed to be Great Again?

It looks like OP only has a minimum wage job, which isn’t really meant for people to make a living off of. They are more meant for high school kids to have gas money or elderly folks to have something to do.

If a job can't pay enough for someone to live on, it's not worth doing. Why would I do a job that doesn't give me enough in return that I can eat and have a place to sleep? Even if minimum wage jobs were meant for what you think they are meant for, there are millions of adults with families doing them. Walmart has programs designed to help their employees apply for welfare because they don't want to pay them enough money. This is a problem.

Wait wait wait. Where in the world (well in the U.S.) is rent $515? Wow.

America IS great! You can make good money if you know how to use manual machine tools. No college required. You have to not be a wuss though.

Are you trying to tell me that it's not possible to survive working full time on MINIMUM wage? I'm pretty sure the idea of MINIMUM WAGE was to give you the minimum you need to get by?

That's the idea. It doesn't always work out that way, especially when minimum wage hasn't been raised in 10 years. Or when you live in an expensive area. Minimum in my state is $12 ($1760 a month minus taxes), almost $5 more than the Federal minimum, and that would barely cover rent where I am. I did a quick search and the cheapest place I could find was $1000 a month.

checks are usually delayed by a week when you first start a new job. it's most likely a check for only one week of work, not the full two that you worked. your next one will be full. chin up.

Yeah I agree, and is OP getting weekly or bi-weekly cheques? OP literally states its his first, and if he started at an in-between time for bi-weekly, he is only getting paid for one week rather than the two. Next cheque will be the full amount!

I know basic math is hard hey. New job = $x income after taxes. Rent is $x. If your income is less than your rent, you should move to somewhere you can afford or earn more. It's very very simple. I can't see how this "blindsided" you

its doable if you get paid weekly, you're in the same situation as me. I put 150 aside every week so at the end of the month I have 600 to pay my rent.

I get paid weekly,3 out of 4 of those paychecks go to my mortgage. Sometimes it takes more than one paycheck to pay the bills/rent. Thats part of being an adult and a functioning member of society. enjoy the next 40+ years of being a wage slave.

didnt they tell you the pay before you took the job? and you dont usually make all your rent money in one week. you're being unrealistic.

ViviMage 38

I once had to wait 3 weeks for a paycheck starting a new job! I also decided that I roughly get 66% of my income after taxes, medical insurance, and paying into my 401K. So if I make $22 an hour, I actually take home $14.52 an hour. 22 x .66 = 14.52 Chin up. They won't toss you out after one month behind but you will have to catch up. But pay the rent first, then the electric, then the internet. I saw someone get their house ultimately get foreclosed on because they bought a wig to look like Twilight Sparkle and let the electricity get shut off. Because they had priorities!

How much are they paying you??? $2/hr???

What's sad is, in a lot of places, it's cheaper to make house payments on a mortgage than it is to pay rent. Guess it's time to find a cheaper place - you can't live a champagne life on a beer income.

I was a manager at Burger King and I rent a crummy 2 bedroom apartment