By ouchie - Canada
Today, I went to the drugstore to get supplies for my broken toe. Because of the swelling, I could only wear open-toed sandals on this cold day. At the store, a tall, heavy man in winter boots tried to get by me, and ended up stepping on the toes of my good foot. FML
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  Espion_fml  |  1

Yeah, sue a guy because he's not omniscient enough to know that the OP had a broken toe. Because OBVIOUSLY he should have had the foresight to check everyone's feet just in case, or at the very least make sure he was walking around people as though they're made of glass.

It was an ACCIDENT.

Unless he did it on purpose (which IS grounds for legal action) there is absolutely no reason to take him to court. I can't stand people who expect handouts for everything, especially people who are willing to lie about it.

Hope you're feeling better soon OP.

  hedgehogs  |  0

Yes. I think this would be a c*** use of the legal system (which I work in). I also think most judges I know would be likely to dismiss the case. As related here, it does sound like an accident. Sounds like mutual carelessness to me. Of course, if he's wearing heavy boots, he should watch what he's doing with his feet. OP should have made a point of staying out of the way of other people as much as possible and/or told them, "I have a broken toe. I need to be careful."

  jk1006  |  0

agreed plus then the guy might've noticed you were wearing two different kinds of shoes which automatically would've increased the chances that he would avoid your feet because he noticed something about them

By  macropixi  |  0

Having broken several toes and sprained my ankle more than once I can tell you that this is the time you don't worry about matching shoes. A slipper or several loose pairs of socks on the injured foot and a regular shoe on the other. Had you done this your other toes wouldn't be injured.