By Anonymous - 23/09/2009 10:23 - Singapore

Today, I was playing hide and seek with my eight year old cousin. For the past two turns, he had been hiding in the bathroom. I saw the bathroom lights on, yet again, and opened the door with a triumphant "AHA!" It was my Grandma, taking a smelly dump. FML
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pingpongpickle 8

omg why do grandmas always leave the door open?? mine does that too!!!

amerrah 4

my grandma does it while we are in the shower. its disgusting.

Milly143 3

ewww u will never b able to unsee that! didn't see that one comin did ya LOL

Couldn't you have knocked with a triumphant "AHA!"? Scrub your corneas.


- -.....FYL..i just read the last two words as "smile dump"..xD.FML

Now you know the source of the smelly dumps! Knowledge is power!

an obvious ydi I guess. But, yeah, next time, knock anyway ^^

wellinever 5

Smelly dump? Is there another kind?

satanstoystore 0

omg. i didnt see that one coming. how unexpected. you know, this is exactly how most of the world works. i hope we blow ourselves up.

Of course, if winning at hide-and-seek means watching your grandma take a smelly dump, then he takes the game WAY too seriously!