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Your cousin set you up.

omg trauma.


omg trauma.

omg why do grandmas always leave the door open?? mine does that too!!!

my grandma does it while we are in the shower. its disgusting.

ugh so does mine x(

owned xD

trauma yuppp..!

ewww u will never b able to unsee that! didn't see that one comin did ya LOL

Couldn't you have knocked with a triumphant "AHA!"? Scrub your corneas.

- -.....FYL..i just read the last two words as "smile dump"..xD.FML

Now you know the source of the smelly dumps! Knowledge is power!

an obvious ydi I guess. But, yeah, next time, knock anyway ^^

well he got u, didn't he?

Smelly dump? Is there another kind?

omg. i didnt see that one coming. how unexpected. you know, this is exactly how most of the world works. i hope we blow ourselves up.

Your cousin set you up.

Of course, if winning at hide-and-seek means watching your grandma take a smelly dump, then he takes the game WAY too seriously!