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  skiier4life  |  1

That's bullshit to say you shouldn't joke about stuff like that. Now what? Should I not say momma jokes cuz it's possible the kid's mom died? OP is obviously close to her grandma and can joke if she'd like.

  wolflover44  |  5

At least they were shopping. Granny probably had a new shirt already, she could change into it. Just put all the stuff in one bag and use another one for the dirty shirt. It sucks, but at least they weren't in the middle of nowhere.

  Po1ntBlank  |  0

well after reading, "Today, my girlfriend was over at my house for the first time. I told her I had to go take a shower, and from the other room my grandmother yells "you're not going to jack off this time are you?" FML"

im like HAHA KARMA!! but then I'm like wait different granny =/

  chickunkey  |  0

Today, I had to use the restroom. While standing over the shit filled toilet, my legs gave out dropping me into the toilet on my back. After struggling for a bit, I was finally able to wiggle my way out. When I finally left that bathroom, my gran-daughter laughed at me. FML

  aksweetheart  |  7

Shaaaaaaaaatttttuuuuuuupppppp! (That is meant to be like shut up, but really drawn out... I long for the days that everyone will just understand what I mean so I won't have to explain things like this to people...)