By lovelesslonely - 12/10/2010 17:48 - United States

Today, my boyfriend brought me home flowers and candy for the first time in our one-year relationship. Thinking he was going to finally propose, I got excited. I asked why he was being so sweet, and he responded with, "I thought you'd take the breakup better this way." FML
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sublime420 11

I'm sorry, but "finally propose" and "1 year relationship"?

FYLDeep 25

He should have got down on one knee when he said it. That would have been the best breakup of all time.


FYLDeep 25

He should have got down on one knee when he said it. That would have been the best breakup of all time.

"Will you...will you --" "Yes!" "...be my ex-girlfriend?"

KingDingALing 9

"No...I don't. We're going to get married whether you like it or not, bitch!" :)

So, was the candy good? It would be funny if he opened a ring case to reveal a ex-girlfriend ring if they even have any of those.

benny2465 0

2 it's the Internet you can say ass and how is he an ass for saying no hard feelings?

I would have shaved the flowers and candy up his a**...what an a**!

Xrated_exctasy 0

Why? Maybe things weren't working out. At least he tried to make it easier..

Why shave the flowers? What did they ever do to you? Poor defenseless flowers.

I'd say it depends on the relationship. Obviously it would've been too early for this one, if they weren't on the same page about marriage already.

sure_burt 5

After one year? No wonder divorce is so prevalent.

Well, relationships like these are no wonder when you consider how a lot of women think in terms of relationships... high speed or no speed!

Well it sounds like a depressing relationship anyway

phreshboi 1

What I'm A BIT surprised about is the fact she would think of marrying after one year. I know people who have, and also stats show that 87% of cupels (not correct spelling, for any grammar nazi's out there) get divorced after two years. I know for me I'd give my relationship at LEAST two years before I even consider marrying my GF. BTW this is my opinion on this so it doesn't mean it's correct by any means(except for the statistic), so before any of you guys bark like crazy I'm only stating MY OPINION on this subject. ps. I don't usually respond in case you wanted me to answer something you might question.

#90 Stats are rarely accurate, you do realise that, right?

87.5% of statistics are made up on the spot.

*facepalm* I wasn't disagreeing with you. **Edit: Though if that was sarcasm, I apologize. I'm focused on other things ATM.

danab_fml 0

ydi for expecting a proposal after only a yr. op must be young.

I wish I knew how to shave flowers an candy up a persons ass.

#90 I don't get this... If you know you mis-spelled "couples" instead of taking the time to put parenthases saying it was spelled wrong, why didn't you just fix it?? That just doesn't make sense to me.

Must, hold back urge, to correct spelling.

I am curious as to how one were to begin shaving flowers and candies up another's ass?

sublime420 11

I'm sorry, but "finally propose" and "1 year relationship"?

Agreed. Maybe it's just me, but I can't really imagine a year being adequate time for someone to decide that they want to spend the rest of their life with their partner. (Celebrity marriages don't count.)

Yeah, really.. I was wondering about that too, it might be normal in Alabama (where she's from) but here, people who get married that fast are usually the first to divorce, too..

It depends on the relationship. Mr. Doe and I only dated for a few months before he proposed, but we knew each other well already. We'd been quite good friends for 4 years before officially dating— had spent a lot of time talking about our respective values and goals, knew each others' families well, etc. I'd say it would've been too early for this OP, though, since they obviously weren't on the same page about the relationship.

Doe, but your relationship is different. It sounds like this girl was just desperate as shit. My fiance and I dated for over four years before he proposed to me, even though we both knew by year 2 that we would get married. BTW, flowers AND candy are so cliche. I love flowers, but wtf candy? Nothing says romance like, "Here baby, I want you to get fat as shit."

It takes a while to get to know someone. As Doe said, they were already friends for quite some time beforehand but if it was just in the beginning and all, a year seems very soon. I guess that's just me though. And Doe, if flowers and candy aren't romantic, what is to you? :P

I'll bet she's 20 years old or younger and just thinks a year is a long time.

Sorry Doe. Tired tonight. Totally thought you said that. Avoidthegirl, what would You think is romantic. Lol.

ok I'm from Alabama and it's not that normal unless u get knocked up first. I am married and we only dated a year but I had known him for 5 years prior to the year of dating. so we knew each other pretty well. And now we are going on 2 years married and it's never been better. sounds like this girl is desperate to me, either that or trying to jump on the bandwagon... she needs to stay single for a while and put priorities in order.....

I think she knows now why one year is not enough!

MuchDance90s 0

If a couple were in their 50's, maybe. Hopefully, you know what you want at that stage. Or a Regency era couple, where a woman has to find a suitable "match" before she becomes an "old maid" at 25-30. ;-p

yes, I think that this is too little time to know each other well enough to he married. I really hate when people (especially celebrities) get married after just a few months. I heard that Katy Perry is getting married (I don't remember the guys name who she is marrying) after only four months!! That's crazy!!

I_have_no_clue 0

91 Are you Kelly from The Office?

forbiddin_secret 0

my parents knew each other four months before they got married. they have been together 25 years. My mom told me she knee they'd get married after the first date. It happens.

kojak2091 0

it seems to happen a lot in Alabama at least

That's exactly what I was thinking. If she thought that was long enough, she totally had it coming. Kids these days... They're just dumb.

missbadluk 0

Never understood the ridiculous concept of getting married cause she got pregnant. Just sayin. I think it's a southern thing. From California but have live in Arkansas for a few years and that "concept" is played out TENFOLD out here. And EVERY single one I know of has ended in divorce less than a year later. Fkn stupid. We all know the girl didn't get pregnant while you two were married when the baby comes 7 months later! Derrrrr! (not YOU directly. I'm talking "you" generally speaking)

That's what I was thinking.. A year and he is finally going to propose? My husband I dated for 5 years before he proposed and that's fairly normal around here!

SomeRussianGirl 3

Man, I been dating my boyfriend for 3 years and we just started discussing marriage. :/

You have been discussing marriage at 15?

You are better off without him! Go find yourself a great guy!


I would of thought he proposed to you within a few hours of meeting you?!


Why thank you my personal grammar and spelling checker:)

DocBASTARD. That's his name. It explains everything.

Lilly- did you think that was a coincidence?


DocBastard, did you think that Lilly thought that was a coincidence?

Pwnt. Is proposing after a year a common thing or something?

This makes me think of my cousin on my step-dads side. technically step-cousin I guess, but she turns 19 on October 28th, which makes her 22 days younger than me. She met her current boyfriend in May, I met my current girlfriend in January. She is Mormon and just got married on October 8th because they couldn't wait any longer to have sex. I would not even consider marrying the girl I am with for another 2 years at the absolute least. The difference between me and my cousin? Religion. Stupid Mormons ******* up the world.

ladybunny 0

jackass.....there are better guys out there.... sorry op :/

How is this his fault? She got her hopes up for nothing. He tried to break up in a kind way. Not every relationship lasts forever. If people have to break up, what's wrong with doing it kindly?

candy & flowers are better anyways :D guys are jerks, that's why i've been single since may :)

...I don't think your ugly!!!... but you are 14... how about sticking to comments involving whose cuter: Justin Beiber or Zach Ephron?!

Well, if he was saying it nicely, it was better than an over the phone breakup, right? But if he was acting jerkish, than, you should've punched him.