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Today, my father picked me up from the police academy I'm attending, and got caught speeding. The officer was my drill instructor, and I had to do push-ups on the side of the highway. FML
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Breaking the law to get to your daughter that enforces the law. Way to go, dad.


Breaking the law to get to your daughter that enforces the law. Way to go, dad.

It's early morning so I probably didn't notice that it was genderless. Either way, still a stupid decision on the dad's part.

Lol some dads will do anything for a laugh

i just noticed there is a quite a bit of "gonna be a cop" fmls. fyl op but a tiny bit ydi. if your training to be a cop you oughta know basic law and speeding is just that. if you told him to slow down, all that couldve been avoided.

I'm inclined to say he didn't deserve it, the driver should be taking responsibility for his own driving

In your opinion, how is someone else speeding their fault? It's not like he was in the same car as his father and knew that he would be speeding, and I'm guessing that he assumed that his father who had been driving for years would know and obey traffic laws. It's not OP's fault at all, no matter how you look at it. Unless you're expecting him to be a know all mind reader.

A mind reader, or someone that glances at the speedometer from time to time, especially if they suspect they might be speeding and are training to be an officer of the law.

The way i read it he WAS in the same car since he had to do push ups. i myself will tell people to slow down if were going too fast and im far from a cop, id expect a cop-in-training would do the same. You wouldnt want to fine your own dad right? And no i dont expect him to be a mind reader. it was just my opinion and you cant change that. i was expecting a cop to be more aware.

For all we know they told him to slow down and he didn't listen.

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Probably not, especially considering the small character limit for posts. I know pretty much everyone in my family would ignore me if I asked them to slow down, so it's hardly the OP's fault. I admit I don't know anything about police training, but I'm going to assume that if you're still learning to be a cop then you can't issue tickets yet, so there is nothing the OP could have done short of grabbing the wheel and forcing the dad to slow down. It may be your opinion, but it's most likely wrong.

1: thats your family, 2: i never said cops in training can issue tickets i just said it would be awkward to give your dad one, 3: **** you you cant judge my opinion. i never said my opinion was law just that its what i thought. now go **** yourself. some familys actually listen unlike yours.

I know if i was giving someone a ride and they told me to slow down, if i was only going 5 or 10 over i would tell them to deal with it. Hell, even some cops give you a little cusion like that. And kerstoleann- calm down, its FML, no reason to attack someones family.

im not attacking anybodys family im just saying some actually listen. and it doesnt say how fast ops dad was going. "deal with it" yeah you deal with the fine!

im not even gonna answer anymore you can all just go **** yourselves

I could probably agree with this, well it isn't much his fault. It's more fair argument

@36: If I were a police officer in training, telling you to slow down and you would have told me to deal with it, I would have written you the ticket myself. Would you tell any other police officer to 'deal with it'? Why do you expect preferential treatment, just because he/she is your friend?

What? She shouldn't have to tell him anything. if he is driving its his own fault for not taking care of his driving.

I hope the amount of push-ups you had to do was less than his quota

You can't do a negative amount of push-ups.

Well, pardon my laughter but it could be worse!

You had to do push ups because your dad sped? Weird punishment for something you didn't do.

Isn't that how it usually ends up when one person messes something up, someone else has to pay for it?

Drill instructors are crazy like that, especially if he's ex-military. Mass punishment was a staple of the army, and I'm guessing other branches are similar.

It goes like this, you are in a vehicle that is speeding, you are allowing an illegal act to happen, you as a cadet are held to a higher standard. It's on you. Sucks but it's academy life haha

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He's being punished for knowing better. He's a "punisher" in training

My first order of business as a cop would be to write my dad a ticket as soon as the opportunity presented itself.

you would write your own father a ticket? I'm calling bullshit.