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Today, when I went to see a movie with my best friend, and there were 3 girls loudly discussing blow job techniques. I texted my boyfriend about how gross the conversation was. His reply was "Pay attention. You might learn something." FML
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It's good for women to share tips on this.

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well, her boyfriend is saying that she can't do a ******** right, so that's why he told her to listen. duh, lol !

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she was probably suprised when they said not to use teeth

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I'm here so you can practice any techniques.

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girls shoould discuss those more often

here's some tips for the OP: 1. don't expect to get what you won't give 2. if YOU won't, someone else WILL

Lol, her boyfriend owns! YDI for complaining about something that will blow up in your face!

I don't think the complaining is the only thing that will blow up in her face! Especially if she took notes! :P

then right after that do the popcorn trick. oohhh yeah

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Tips, FTW! Did you hear about the circumcision surgeon who didn't charge a fee? He only took tips! I guess if the OP missed the chance to get the "tips," he really got the shaft;)

you shouldn't have been txting in the first place!

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84 win :P Oh and OP ur bf is a good guy hahahah

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Not and FYL, more like an FHL because you obviously can't give a good bj xD

Damn Perdix beat me to the tip joke... still not an FML in any way shape or form.

lol. I know it would be a good idea to get a few tips, but that's just HILLARIOUS!!!

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Spit or swallow, it's your choice, but if you spit you'll lose your voice.

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do u mean sperm blowing up in her face or figguratively

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oh come on, mention bj to your BF what is he gonna say? eew gross? come on lol

pay attention you might learn something

Pay attention, woman, and when you're done make him a sammich!

damn haha; that's funnyy well Jee did you?

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1st!!! omg I can't belive it!!! ohhh nevermind

xD sounds like something I would say to be funny, atleast my girl laughs. my friend tried the "dry humour" thing and got slapped.

wow stfu! yur probably a man, or an ignorant creature only ***** do tht kind of stuff. and maybe men like someones mouth on ther penis but it's sucks squirrel nuts when yu kiss them nd get yur own pubic hair in your mouth.

that's a sign that you suck at.... sucking lol that was bad

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why the **** are you at the movies? Get back in the kitchen. woman!

For a dog typing on a keyboard, I think it went well.

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hulk ask, "did learn anything?"

#2, your grammar is attocious. As punishment, your are no longer allowed to has cheezburger. If you ever ask, the answer is no.

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uberfail, uber fail for you, it's attrocious.

well...he has little respect for u...but...hahahaha...that's some good humor

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Dutch u think hitlervis funny u retards don't know the first bout the holocaust cause ur A six grade drop out! learn wat the he'll ur talkin bout before u comment

WTF...? what language is that..? OR ur drunk as skunk..?? dude we r here talking about BJ..!!! lol

Don't say that he's an idiot if your grammar is about on the same level of a 8 year old. Hopefully your not being hypocritical and can comprehend with comments like this on a mature level instead of flaming..

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you shouldve joined in. always a good thing to know how to please your man. makin him a sammich is a good start.

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Well, if you didn't pick up any techniques from them, I'll be more than happy to offer up what I know!! I've been told I'm a god with my mouth, from both women AND men. ;)

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thank you, 19 and 22 p.s., I respond to my mail ;) and 27, I don't charge, but I don't perform unless we're together. sorry.

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._. I am speehless. .... in awe.

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I'll also leave you speechless... bed! ;)

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I'm so bored...but I get to work 4 today :)

I love you more. how about your sammich making skills?

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I make good sammiches, just ask my Philip Defranco shirt.

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Apparently he was joking. That's just common sense unless your boyfriend is a dick.

Your boyfriend is right. It can never hurt to learn something new. I'm sure if some men were having a conversation about eating out at the Y, your boyfriend would listen, no matter how good he is. He might even take notes and draw diagrams.