By ohno - United States
  Today, when I went to see a movie with my best friend, and there were 3 girls loudly discussing blow job techniques. I texted my boyfriend about how gross the conversation was. His reply was "Pay attention. You might learn something." FML
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  perdix  |  29

Tips, FTW!

Did you hear about the circumcision surgeon who didn't charge a fee? He only took tips!

I guess if the OP missed the chance to get the "tips," he really got the shaft;)

  hahafmlyo  |  0

wow stfu! yur probably a man, or an ignorant creature only sluts do tht kind of stuff. and maybe men like someones mouth on ther penis but it's sucks squirrel nuts when yu kiss them nd get yur own pubic hair in your mouth.

  alan1011  |  0

Dutch u think hitlervis funny u retards don't know the first bout the holocaust cause ur A six grade drop out! learn wat the he'll ur talkin bout before u comment

  Philosophic  |  0

Don't say that he's an idiot if your grammar is about on the same level of a 8 year old. Hopefully your not being hypocritical and can comprehend with comments like this on a mature level instead of flaming..

By  KurouTenshi  |  0

Well, if you didn't pick up any techniques from them, I'll be more than happy to offer up what I know!! I've been told I'm a god with my mouth, from both women AND men. ;)

By  maskedman  |  9

Your boyfriend is right. It can never hurt to learn something new.

I'm sure if some men were having a conversation about eating out at the Y, your boyfriend would listen, no matter how good he is. He might even take notes and draw diagrams.