By Kevin - 10/03/2010 08:39 - Canada

Today, my parents took my laptop, cut the Internet, took my car keys and TV, and removed my bedroom door. Why? Because they thought the plant I was growing for my science project was a marijuana plant. Oh yeah, they took that too. My presentation is tomorrow. FML
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You should change you experiment to show how parents can go from zero to full retardation in about an hour. Will Smith had it right. Parents just don't understand.

wow... that sounds rather excessive for a little weed... Get it... because it wasn't marijuana I meant weed as it... nvm I'm going to lay of the bad puns for a while :-P


lol I read this and I was like this guy is definatley from Canada :) lol fyl buddy (btw I'm from Canada too :)

not a pot head. I misread it the first time too, but it says they THOUGHT it was a pot plant, implying that it was NOT a pot plant.

sneak around your house, grab all the stuff your parents took and dump it at a friends house then in the morning before they get up, grab your plant and hide it down the street somewhere then after school wave that A in their faces and demand all your stuff back, when they say they can't find it throw a fit and call them thieves, after a week they should feel sorry for you and you'll be given new stuff.

I hate familly injustices, here's what you do. go into class tommorow and tell your story, then call your mom and ask her to bring in this plant and if she doesn't beleive you, have your teacher talk to her. then she will have to bring this plant in front of the whole class and have the whole class laugh at her.

You must have been like O_________________O And if it really isn't a marijuana plant then just prove it to your parents so that they give you your stuff back. It's not so hard..

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What I want to know is how you are writing on FML if they took your laptop

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haha u just proved the lie!!!

not only does he not have a laptop but he also doesn't have Internet

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idk that he's lying my parents used to ground ne and take my shit... but then give my phone back and car keys when 1. they wanted food.... and wanted me to go get it. 2. when I left for school .. also keep in mind fml usually has to be formatted Today, then ending with FML or mods don't put it in.. do maybe this happend in the past. but was written in presant tense!

But if the OP has Internet access (I figure he does since he posted this) just google it and prove them wrong.

he could have posted it at school or used a friends iPod or something...

I hate that how people think just because your from Canada.... were all pottheads? that's ****** u hate that

#31 ^This. Even if the FML happened two weeks ago, you can still try to do that.

Your parents ******* sucks for not discussing things with you FYL.

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hey dude thanks for the weed nd all that shit!!! jks p.s I'm from Canada as well

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I'm sure he might know someone with a computer..

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Kayys, your parents must not have much experience... If they mistake a normal house plant for a pot plant. Seriously. What do you guys live on?

Ahhhh Phones, Itouches, Iphones????? More then one computer. It's the 20 century....shouldn't be a shocker.

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So he couldn't show his parents with an itouch? Or print it out from a computer at school? I didn't think it was neccissary to include this in my original comment.

how are u telling this to us if u have no laptop a**hole

LOL this is the funniest ****** thing I've ever seen

I agree with 31 because she must pay for her actions... Muhahahahah!

The same way I usually access FML, an iPod maybe?

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#61 you can get FML on an ipod touch or iphone

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I know you can get FML on the iPhone because that's how I go on here but I was trying to point out ( which I couldn't cuz half of my comment got erased) that if she did have a laptop or a phone how could she be on FML seeing how if she did indeed have an iPhone or iPod, wouldn't her parents take that away also??!! I guess this could be from weeks ago or whatever but still... i'm allowed to wonder!!!

oh, parents. always assuming things....

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they can post it from their phone.. that wasnt taken. duhh.

am I allowed to wonder if I can has sex wiff you? ;D

its quite obvious that a person could easily go to a friend's house or a library or some of the many places where one can find a public computer and post this. stupid dumbass, look outside the box that you hide in. Not everyone who posts on this site is lying.

sooo was it pot? cuz they prob took it for themselves

And then when his parents find out what he did everyone will all hug and have a good laugh right? -_-

wow... that sounds rather excessive for a little weed... Get it... because it wasn't marijuana I meant weed as it... nvm I'm going to lay of the bad puns for a while :-P

lmfaaaaaooo, ahahaah. winnnn ! i got it :)

FIRST OFF, tell them you will give 'em a discount if they hand it over. second; what was this mystery plant that made it look like a marijuana plant?

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I doubt it even looked like a pot plant. Her parents seem extremely paranoid so they probably just took a regular looking plant and said it was pot because all teens are drugies apparently

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Did you try telling them it was a science project? (I'm betting so.) Well, try explaining to your teacher. And if he/she doesn't believe you..well, you're screwed. If so, ask for a note, and then milk this for all it's worth. I'd ask for a bigger TV if I were you. :D

maybe he should have said this BEFORE they found it out. the only possible reason why this could have happened is because he never communicates anything to his parents and he constantly locks himself up in his room. so I say YDI for not talking to your parents. (snickerdoodles, you may find some mistakes in this post, but I'm not a native english speaker)

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Some parents don't want to talk. They ignore, and then they shout. Then they ignore again.

Yeah. As I said, I'm assuming he probably did try and explain. But as boatkicker said, some people just don't listen. Not just parents, but when anyone thinks they're 100% right and someone is just trying to lie to them, what do they do? Ignore it.

Oohh, I reread that. You meant before they even found out about the plant, correct? In that case- I hardly every spoke to my mum about school. She worked a lot, and when she was off, she'd rather just do fun things with me than talk about boring crap. School conversations would go like this, "Still making good grades?" "Yes, mum." "Good. So, where do you wanna go today?" If his parents work (most likely) they probably don't get to talk much, as it is.

I want to know how they don't really know what a marijuana plant looks like. I don't know a single person who doesn't know. maybe it's just because where I live but I thought it was common 21st century knowledge.

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lol! I mean why wouldn't your parents know you have a project? they probably had to buy the supplies...

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So the plants gone...but you can still smoke it right? after the presentation? Oh right, it's gone... Well just google up fast growing plants on your compu--oh, right you can't... Well maybe if you ju--oh... wait, WTF are you doing on FML?! Get to working on a solution! D:

ok. i thought they wouldve took that too.

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apparently his life isnt completely ******.

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What? He can't smoke it. It says right in the post that his parents thought it was a weed plant, but it wasn't.

Well, not everyone's seen a pot plant in their life. If it remotely looks anything like it's portrayed on TV, a person will just assume. And assuming makes an ass of u and me.

Assuming makes an ass out of U and Ming.

God damn MING! Always trying to make an ass out of me!

Oh fine, let's be all correct. To assume makes an ass out of u and me. Are ya happy now?! xD

You should change you experiment to show how parents can go from zero to full retardation in about an hour. Will Smith had it right. Parents just don't understand.