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By Marion - 14/10/2020 20:01 - United States - Portland

Today, I was talking to a coworker about gender reveal parties, and how dumb and dangerous they're becoming. A nearby coworker then burst into tears and ran out. It appears that she's having one this weekend. FML
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I hope she rents a really great flame-thrower. Gender reveal parties evidently require a lot of pyrotechnics.

Suaria 38

I believe one of these parties is what started the fires going on in California right now.


Marcella1016 31

Can someone enlighten me on this? I know these parties are a “thing” now I guess - a seemingly innocuous excuse to have another get-together with your friends besides the baby shower - but how are they dangerous? I understand that some idiots have blown things way out of proportion - literally - blowing things up and starting fires and doing dumb shit. But is that the norm? I imagine most of the parties are probably like I said just an excuse to have a little party and probably fairly boring lol. Am I missing something? Or is this one of those things everyone hates on because it’s new? Or because of the bad apples that made bad press? Or...? TL;DR: Why are these parties considered dumb and dangerous?

Suaria 38

I believe one of these parties is what started the fires going on in California right now.

Christina Winden 22

I mean.... Covid, depending on who/how many people go to the party.

Win 9

In the current world, more and more people come out as non-binary, agender, gender-fluid, transgender and so on. I think for that reason, some people prefer not having a “gender reveal” party because we are assuming the child’s gender who is not old enough to speak to their gender. Would I call this dangerous as OP suggests? No. But some people will. I think the danger may be in people seeing their children only through the scope of one gender - which can skew the way one raises their child. Now THAT can be dangerous. A baby girl versus boy shouldn’t be raised differently. However, I feel that it’s a beautiful time to have parties when one is pregnant - and if one is aware that their child’s gender may be different than the birth assumption... then it can be an inclusive celebration. Maybe some people will have pink, blue, green balloons - or maybe some will have just pink balloons but might be open to the idea that this doesn’t mean anything about the child’s actual future recognized gender. But.. some people just want to boycott it altogether. I think that’s ridiculous. I’ll celebrate my child’s birth but I don’t care if he/she/they decide they’re trans/cis/non-binary etc in the future. Not everything has to be all or nothing people, context and intention matter too.

because of the thousands of videos online showing accidents happening. it's the newest how I got injured at a party excuse at the emergency department

TexanSpud 12

While like 99% are normal and safe, a lot of dumb***es use fireworks incorrectly and start wildfires. 2 of the huge wildfires in cali rn are a result of misuse of pyrotechnics that are becoming more common at gender reveal parties.

So MOST happen to be over the top in terms of gendered reveals, but op said they’re becoming dangerous and dumb, not that they all are. It’s just, when stupid people have dangerous explosions and pyrotechnics for a babies gender and then starts a huge wildfire, because they broke laws and common sense, it really shows lol

I hope she rents a really great flame-thrower. Gender reveal parties evidently require a lot of pyrotechnics.

BigSissy 14

I bet that one was crying because she’s pregnant and emotional!

I mean, that's on her. If you're ignoring the conversation and controversary around gender reveal parties despite the articles coming up when you google gender reveal parties, that's kind of opening yourself to the rightful criticism of said parties.

Obviously you meant the dangerous and ridiculous ones, and apparently she’s having one of thosex

crashtestdumplin 16

See I never knew gender reveal was a separate party, everyone in my family usually just has the inside of the cake at the baby shower or something to reveal the gender. But never a separate party. Why not just combine it with the baby shower