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By jagerbombs - 30/12/2009 19:08 - United States

Today, I woke up at a stranger's house after a long night of drinking. Before leaving, I decided to steal some mouthwash so I didn't smell like a liquor store. Thinking of the night before, I instinctively downed the Listerine like a shot and puked everywhere. FML
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listerine is just more alcohol going inside of you anyway. way to go, champ.


listerine is just more alcohol going inside of you anyway. way to go, champ.

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You instinctively downed the Listerine¿? So If your drunk and I put a woman in front of you your instinctively going to demand a sandwhich?

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first! "last night I had drunken sex with some guy. he woke up and puked all over my bathroom. I had to clean it up. fml"

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i hate how when you go on the website on an iphone or itouch that it doesnt say the persons gender :/ whoops...

Then again, you can't be blamed too much, doesn't exactly sound like lady-like behavior.

Hah, I feel sorry for you, but seriously.......when you use mouthwash as a shot, you need help...

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you fickong tard you shold have just drank the hole would only kill u a little bit

YDI for getting yourself so drunk that you needed to spend the night at a stranger's house and instinctively thinking that the liquid in your hand should be drunk. Get help, and hope that the next liquid you pick up isn't bleach or antifreeze. Oh, wait...apply social Darwinism......yes yes YES! GO GET DRUNK. NOW.

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#9 I don't think she HAD to stay because she was drunk, I think she was in a strangers house because she was drunk and they performed sexual intercorse(he took his penis and inserted it into her ******).

Again, so drunk she had to spend the matter what they did that night. Getting drunk enough to have to crash at someone's house? Too drunk. Getting drunk enough to think it's a good idea to have drunken sex with a stranger? Too drunk. It all boils down to "too drunk" in the end.

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#9 I don't even know who you are anymore, just gtfo of my house

Hush up your ***** mouth and get me some more vodka. And this time make sure it's cold, or I won't let you watch Teletubbies later. ;)

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#9 vodka and teletubbies? Wtf it sounds like it would be a good combination. Do I get vodka to, or just teletubbies?

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#9 shit and to think I thought this would be a bad day. This is gonna be the most funnest day ever. Lol im actually wonderin what watching the teletubbies drunk would be like

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people who hate people for getting drunk usually aren't able to get drunk themselves...and are bitter because of it. that's angry high schoolers for ya.

Malinkrot, you're an idiot. It's called "drinking in moderation and being responsible with your alcohol consumption". You know, that little bit they always put into advertisements at the very end? PLEASE DRINK RESPONSIBLY? And who said any of us hated anyone? I simply think the OP deserves any bit of pain coming her way because she decided to be irresponsible. There's a big difference between hatred and disgust. Everyone is "able" to get drunk. You imbibe enough alcoholic beverage that you puke, pass out, or run around doing really stupid and unsafe bullshit. It's really not that hard to do...most intelligent people just choose not to do it. And if you'd used that pea-sized thing you call a brain and looked at my profile, you'd see that I'm definitely not in high school. ;)

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Or they just know too many people who can't control themselves when drunk and are tired of cleaning up the mess... OP, you are an absolute idiot.

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I sometimes stay at the house I'm at just because I've had anything to drink. The fact that they stayed there could actually mean they are responsible enough not to drink and drive.. Also just because they stayed the night does not mean she had sex with a complete stranger. She could have had sex with a friend or boyfriend. Yes, the OP is stupid and does seem to have a problem, but you made quite a few overgeneralizations. You are extremely intolerant and therefore ignorant.. that is all.

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To make sure you completely understand.. The fact that she was at a strangers house does not mean she wasn't there with someone she knew.

Oh my, aren't we up on our high horse tonight! I just think that in general, spending the night at a stranger's house, no matter the reason, is a bad idea. You don't know that person (even if you have friends with you there), you don't know what they're like or what they could be capable of. It's just an unsafe situation for everyone involved. I didn't even mention the sexual part...that was all Towelie. I then took the joke that was made and ran with it. Grow a sense of humor. As I said, it all boils down to "too drunk" in the end. And being too drunk is always a bad idea. You are an ass. That is all.

Leaving now. Go ahead, rant back and make a fool of yourself. I guarantee I won't give a damn.

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i've noticed that myfriend_youfail likes to start fights with people. i don't think calling people idiots is a good way to win an argument. and op, listerine is not for swallowing haha. drink less and learn more about listerine. :)

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agreed..and i like the irony in him saying that I was on my "high horse". Btw has anyone ever went to house that was owned by a friend of a friend, but not know the owner himself..just sayin..

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You shouldn't have been leaving if you were still drunk, and if you "instinctively" downed it like a shot, you are an alcoholic.