By trev - 30/05/2011 16:12 - United States

Today, when I weighed myself on my scale, it broke. FML
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kruzito 0

Time to buy a bigger one!

Jog to the store and buy a new one...


kruzito 0

Time to buy a bigger one!

YourMomsFml 0

or lose weight dur

kruzito 0

Or it commited suicide.

C-c-combo breaker!!!!! sorry 

futtbuck101 1

Yeah like one of those where they cows and shit

I would think that there would be a major difference in the weight of cows and shit.

Next time don't bring your baggage with you when you weigh yourself.

Sounds more like OP brought other people with her.

Oh Khaya, you make the good one! 

It's okay OP.. the scale just didn't like you.

op would be from the us too..

JacksonCampbell 9

I think it's a sign....

This reminds me of the American sized Wii fit balance board!

Ryan0510 0

sounds like a heavy situation. aha.

well that's not a good sign.

xxsarahfxx 6

this is unrealistic. scales are supposed to hold a lot of weight, so I doubt it actually "broke".

maiimpressivetit 0

it measures up to 300 pounds my brother is 310 (muscle) so this is realistic :/

xxsarahfxx 6

different scales takes a different weight amount. still, I think it is still unrealistic.

exercise!!! don't buy a bigger one. that's what's wrong with people today. they're fat and they don't care. personally I think it's gross

that's what she said

Oh. whoops :) I read that wrong :)

I agree with 127. I've been working my ass off to lose weight these last few months using a free app on my phone. Anyone can do it. I don't understand how people can just not care what they look like.

Randuhh_17 4

137-really?, what's the app called?..

165 have some for my ipod and they're called daily workout and they have one for your arms butt and a cardio one then i have another one called lose it and you track the calories you ate and burned... all of them are really good :)

texxan87 0

yes!!! finally someone with a brain!!

MyMuse7 0

Just get a new scale :)

Atleast it didn't say "To be continued."

If it is because of a faulty scale, then just go get a new one. There has got to be some place which does them cheap, and don't worry about it. If it's because you are too heavy, you definitely deserve it for letting yourself get that fat.

I stopped looking at scales a long ass time ago lol. OP don't worry about it I'm sure the scale was a piece of doo doo anyways and as long as you're happy with the way you look, then you don't need a scale to give you numbers :)

marijuanasmoker4 3

You don't need a new scale, just do like Big Black and go get weighed at a recycling center.

I imAgine those truck scales would work for you. if not then youre fat and sol

@Kruzito, you really shouldn't tell someone to kill themselves. Some people might take it to heart. You don't know what they're going through....

xxsarahfxx 6

Americans these days.

He said "or it committed suicide" not "you should commit suicide" learn to read.

13- it just ended, it was too much to keep counting :x

MilanKing 0

sure it did...

sensoon15 7

31- I feel worse for the scale. poor dead scale.

yeah I highly doubt that the scale would actually break I mean scales are designed to with-stand a lot of pressure.

lol32360 0

haha agreed

don't feel bad, maybe the scale is old and it just broke

coincidence? I think so!

lakeybalboa 0

average weight means nothing

Especially when America is so obese.. (I'm on the Android apparently, I can't see where the OP is from.)

lol app* not apparently... Stupid phone "finishing" my words...

TorturedXeno 27

I'm sure that this situation weighs heavily upon the OP's heart.

darcimckeown 3

ahahah FATSO!!!

darcimckeown 3

I'm not a fucking dumbass? how does tht make me a dumbass?

Eggers 2

29- yeah you're right. you're more deserving of the title "faggot"

29, by not being able to spell "that".

oooohh. you want some ice with that burn!!!

you forgot cream... ice cream... "you want some ice cream with that burn" lol :)

That's just stupid.

XP I thought it was funny so I apologize that we have different opinions, jeez...

sensoon15 7

47- LOL I thought it said ice cream at first and then I read your comment so I was like oh it said ice.... i like ice cream better. so +1 person who finds your joke funny.

thanks captain obvious.

this FML could be a yo mama joke haha

it has been used already as a yo mama joke

It happens, OP, it happens...

what does OP mean?

I always wondered but never asked

Guys, I'm pretty sure it means Owl Pickler...

it's telling you, in it's own language: "LOSE SOME F***ING POUNDS!"

holy FUCK did you really self censor your FUCKING self? that's FUCKING retarded... get what I'm FUCKING saying? hahaa I couldn't FUCKING help it :)

uh, good one.. also, your tattoos look like FUCKING shit. get that shit FUCKING fixed.

xxsarahfxx 6

^ win

119 - Stop fucking bitching about everyone's tattoos. They're not on your body and you DON'T have to look at them. Grow the fuck up and mind your own business. Her tattoos are very well done and so are the tattoos of the other girl you bitched at the other day. I highly doubt they really care that their tattoos bother someone on the internet.

you're face looks like shit. get that shit fixed. or liposuctioned.

fgwrxfiend 11

i agree with xxlauruh..those tats do not look good..especially there..n for 135's face?? eh whatever seen worse

haha that's nice, now go the FUCK away. (:

yeah she's dumb.

168... is that all you can say? "she's dumb." ouch. I think that left a mark. if you want to insult me, you'll have to actually apply your brain to it!

I actually did, and they deleted my comment lol.

yeah divine modtervention? I don't think so. but we will roll with it. :)

uhh..good one? lol you and your poorly dome tattoos are laughable.

all I was originally trying to state, was that your farfetched attempt at...dare I say...humor, was awful. just awful. but oh boy, you can say the F word. you'w so rebel with your unoriginal tattoos and unwarranted use of the word fuck.

poorly done? put a pic up. don't talk shit if you're too ashamed to be seen. and I was simply making a statement: the site is called fml, meaning fuck my life. and you're lame attempt at censorship is hilarious. just drop it, before I make you look stupider than you already are.

by stupider, do you mean...more stupid? wow if that wasn't irony, then by gosh, I don't know what irony is.

Aye now, don' be rude yo

Jog to the store and buy a new one...

Or better yet, stand on all of your expensive things and then make an insurance claim

thebestof1984 0

Don't buy cheap scales!!