By STOPTHENOISE - 14/10/2013 13:10 - United States - Jefferson

Today, someone in my 8-floor appartment building got an airhorn. They seem to enjoy using it. I can't work out where they are. FML
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It's time for another game of "Where's Douchebag!"

Rainhawk94 27

#15 calm down hitler


It's time for another game of "Where's Douchebag!"

Get a complaint letter sent to every apartment? But it only works whenever your building isn't that big. Or spread the 'word of annoyment'. Otherwise, good luck and invest in a nice pair of headphones..

Better pray he isn't a soccer fan :s

Here I am!

If that happened in my apartment complex, I would bang on every door until I found the culprit, and then shove it up their ass.

Remember if you find him, you get to beat the shit out of him.

incoherentrmblr 21

Time to get a bull horn...

tjv3 10

Buy a bigger air horn, or get a police type megaphone set it off everytime they do. Then set it off at odd times late at night. They will stop

LOL nah dude there is a better way. get a hose, and spray it under door of your neighbours. it will be funny i promise!

Tell the people who run your building, they should be able to figure it out

If there are 8 floors, that must mean there are a lot of tenants, which means op will probably find out real soon where they are, because a lot of other people are probably pissed too.

\ 28

Unless they are all douchebags as well.

Or they are playing a really elaborate prank on the op and will pass the air horn from room to room and deny everything when questioned XD

Find something annoying of your own. Suggestions anyone?

Borrow a friends dog and get it to bark all night; loud music that vibrates the floor. I'm just taking things from my life in apartments at this point.

Justin beiber music and loudspeakers.

Rainhawk94 27

#15 calm down hitler

If there happen to be some alligators roaming his apartment when he wakes up, he could be slightly annoyed.

bobo_the_bear 5

Play a **** video at max volume 24 hours a day. Trust me, it will annoy them.


Have the painting crew play tejano on the landing while drunkenly sledding down the stairway on empty refrigerator boxes at 3 in the morning. It annoyed me enough.

ThatFancyPenn 18

I say shart in his ear and say, "How's that airhorn huh!?"

I got into a noise off with a dickbag neighbor, I put my phone then a bowl over it and blasted him with an annoying dong playlist

Qwermy 16


Qwermy 16

"dixie horn" from a redneck's truck

How about that stupid Rebecca black song?

*GASP* #77 said the RB word!!

tjv3 10

Playing a **** could get OP in an assload of trouble if there are kids around. So **** blasting isn't a good idea

Calm down Satan #98

oh annoying neighbors are the worst. sorry op. hope you find out who it is and complain.

what a troll. crank up your headphones. sorry bro

Grab some friends and hunt him/her down!

Seek solace in the fact that everyone but the person doing it is also looking to have a 'word' with the individual

Get one of your own and try to tell them to **** off in mo-o-o-o-orse.

how would you communicate with a horse?

Morse Code, 28

Why are these getting down voted?

he was quoting a song, #44.

threer 30

Except it wasn't funny.

Damn you're on a new level of stupidity huh #28?

It's part of the lyrics in a song. What does the fox say. Look it up an you'll get it.

lexie_is_awesome 7

Get a louder one, see how they like it

Let the games commence! Search and destroy the airhorn!