By anonymous - Netherlands
Today, my boyfriend rather stupidly assumed that because my vagina is no longer in use after giving birth, we would automatically start having anal sex. After I loudly explained how that wasn't happening, he then had the nerve to ask for a blowjob before we'd even left the hospital. FML
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  Rkikkas9713  |  25

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  swanheart  |  35

You don't know he looked after her during her pregnancy- he could have been totally useless! Even if he did look after her, that doesn't mean he has an automatic right to sex. Having just had a baby op is probably exhausted, sore and totally wrapped up with their child to think about having any kind of sexual contact right now and the boyfriend was wrong to ask for it. He should be thinking about his new child and his girlfriend right now, they should be the priority not sex.

  Ms_ValS  |  27

And yet women choose to breed with these jerks. Daddy issues.

  AlyssaDiannaa  |  20

I was exhausted for a good couple of weeks after my baby, you give birth to them and since they're so new they cry and scream and you hardly get any sleep. I had family take shifts in holding him do I could sleep in the hospital and my fiancé did all the paperwork. Put him to work with paperwork or something useful!


What part of "she just gave birth" are you failing to understand? And by the sound of it, this pathetic male doesn't like the type who would take care of anyone but himself. Or did you miss the part about him asking for a blowjob BEFORE THEY EVEN LEFT THE HOSPITAL? Smh.

  MrsDruidess  |  23

guys everyone take a breath. Now he may sound insensitive and selfish (and a bit of an idiot thinking anal sex was at all possible, however (now hear me out) while his methods are shitty, there is a biological intense drive for him to want to bang her after what she just did. She proved him a ultimate man, she gave him a child, its a crazy time of wild emotions for both of them. and allot of men want to bang even that very night, like badly. My husband was one of them. Cut him a break, a small one, but still.


You are obviously a selfish, stupid, virgin. Anyone with your attitude cannot have a successful relationship with any woman. Try pushing 7 lbs of anything out if your body and getting fucked in the same hole in an hour. What a fckng prick!

  MDoremis  |  38

If this was proposed to me after shoving something the size of a small watermelon out of my cooch, I'm pretty sure I would have screamed my answer and not cared one bit what anyone thought.

  pl0xs3rver  |  45

By him asking that just after she's pushed a baby out, I'm sure he doesn't care. If he can't get it from her, he'll probably just search someplace else for it unfortunately

  Brandi_Faith  |  33

Seriously. The boyfriend is a major jerk and I would think very hard before getting married to him (if you plan on getting married). I'm not gonna lie I want to tell you to run. If he can't think of anything but himself and sex after his baby has literally just been born, than he never will think of anything else. I personally wouldn't want to live with that.

By  PANDORUM89  |  21

Hey, you just grew a living breathing human being inside of you, then pushed it through a tiny hole. You can explain as loud as you like. tell him that if he doesn't back off his hand is going to be his best friend for a lot longer than 6 weeks.