By poisonivyandbigfoot - 10/09/2017 20:30 - United States - Denver

Today, I woke up with a rash all across my body. Last night, my boyfriend and I got it on in some bushes, and it seems one of those was poison ivy. FML
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Nature's std. Thankfully it's curable.


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Why are you thumbing down the only comment, you cowards? If you think you have something better to say, say it! This post went for a long time with no comments whatsoever. That’s a shame. Surely, the OP expects some reaction from the audience whether it’s sympathy or barbs.

You must be the person who gets validation based on likes and in this case a thumps up. Multiple people don't like your comments and you just get angry. It's the ******* internet, relax. You post on every FML and it's rarely something life changing or clever.

Well I thumbed down because we can always expect you on with some pervy comment

Lobby_Bee 17

Nature's std. Thankfully it's curable.

Well that was very rash of you guys to not check the vegetation before having sex in it.

Couldn't you 2 just had sex in a bed or in on a blanket under the stars where are no bushes around.