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I fell like this is a double negative if you have primitive or undeveloped uncivility would it not be logical that you have developed civility? Regardless nicely worded insult.

Some people just make you wonder what goes on in their head. Probably thought you were someone else but honestly, I would be livid.

He must mean you're beating him in life's race, and now you're not. Being pushed in poison ivy is the go ahead.

OP enjoy your swim in an ocean of calamine lotion while you contemplate what caused that son of an itch to such rash behavior. All your thought can only scratch the surface of his mindless pustular eruption!!!!

Why don't you race him to his house and give him a nice, big, surprise, poison hug? If you have to suffer, so should he.

This could be your chance to shine! Get poison ivy rashes to cover your whole body until its indistinguishable, then walk around as the crime fighting vigilante "Ivy-Man!" And when you find the guy who pushed you, give him a nice big hug... FOR JUSTICE!

Should've rolled around in it real quick then chase him down and bear hug the shit out of him. If you were going too get it already might as well have your revenge.

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