By Brastro - Ireland
Today, we were at the end of our surfing trip watching a photo montage. A picture popped up of an ugly girl surfing so I shouted out "I didn't know Shrek could surf". The room went very quiet. "Shrek" was sitting beside me. FML
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  sulitak  |  27

How is being cruel to other people funny? there's so much in the world that you can make fun of.
Making fun of other people can seriously impact their self esteem.

By  Zeegloo  |  0

Way to go, asshole. You totally deserved that one. Maybe you'll learn to quell your inner douchebag after it (God forbid) got the best of you. Imagine how she feels.

By  06SuFi  |  0

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By  Up24Hrs  |  0

Today people were watching a photo montage of our surfing trip. Then my picture came up and this asshole next to me yelled "I didn't know Shrek could surf". FML