By mystery - 07/12/2013 21:55 - United States - Minot

Today, I found out that I take long enough showers for my boyfriend to sleep with my sister and put everything back to normal before I get out. I found out when I needed more shampoo that was in a shopping bag in my room. FML
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Either you have really long showers or he is really quick. Either way, bad luck but good riddance.

I'm sorry, I don't know which is a worse betrayal, your sister or your boyfriend


Omg fyl that's awful. I hope you kicked their asses!

She can always dump her boyfriend's sorry ass, but what about her sister? :( This is just horrible OP! Hope you recover from this soon :(

Plus it's a lot better for the environment. Shorter showers = win/win

Joe Pesci: You're getting f**ked one way or the other...

sleep with your sister's next boyfriend while she's home. revenge.

OP I can honestly say I hope you dumped his worthless ass! As for your sister I think it's time for a VERY, VERY serious talk about what she can and can't use of yours. FYL OP, I hope things get better!

I would literally kick the boyfriend out and beat the crap out of my sister, like wtf. I can't stand it when family does shit like this. Ugh!

That seems very fitting, no boyfriend is worth your time if he can do that. And your sister? I think you guys need to work on your relationship but she definitely needs to rethink who she is. It is NOT okay to sleep with your sisters boyfriend. Hope you'll be okay OP

Dead, both of em. That's too many levels of disrespect

Reallyyy? Is that gonna resolve the dammage, or just escalate it?

Either you have really long showers or he is really quick. Either way, bad luck but good riddance.

Stop wasting water, OP! Set a timer or something to 5 minutes. And don't be surprised if your sister says she's pregnant.

#34 This is one of the most unhelpful comments I've read.

op I've been in your situation.. my sister did the same thing basically and I haven't talked to her in years. and that piece of shit is long gone. theres better people in the world..continue on and succeed in life!

My thoughts exactly!

I'm sorry, I don't know which is a worse betrayal, your sister or your boyfriend

Sister! You run the risk of a guy breaking your heart and possibly cheating, that's part of the dating game, but thats not something you expect from your sister. The guy can be replaced, the sisters betrayal will be life long! My heart goes out to you OP!

The sister's betrayal would definitely hurt more! I know if one of my sister's did something like that I would feel more betrayed by them than my bf :/

Studies have shown that the best predictor of happiness in later life is good relations with your siblings. So it's nice OP and her sister have an experience they share in common now.

37- Sources, please. Oh, you don't remember where you heard that? Peer review or GTFO.

#40 - I'm not sure I can post links here, but it follows from a Harvard study following 268 men for 72 years. The director of the study is named George Vaillant. There was a piece on it in the Atlantic by Joshua Wolf Shenk, titled "What makes us happy?". That should give you enough google fodder to find it.

Why does her comment have 70+ when she just asked probably the dumbest question I can remember?

wysegirl 24

I would say sister he's replaceable.

That's easy - she will not be seeing her boyfriend on family gatherings.

Leave his sorry fucking ass! I also hope you don't give any attention to your sister for a long time.

Well at least you found out. Hopefully new ex boyfriend and slutty sister will find out that karma is a bitch

Why isn't he the slut? He was sleeping with two people, not her.

52: shut up. no one said he wasn't a slut

If he's that quick, you don't want none if that!

Karmas not real

He keeps it in the family. SORRY OP

If you can't keep it in ur pants at least keep it in the family. Lolz. But poor op.

there's a lesson there, save water-ruin secret relationships

Punch them in the face a thousand times

But won't OP get tired? And sore?

Not if you have a machine arm

With her adrenaline rushing, I doubt she'd get tired. Her whore of a boyfriend and slut of a sister definitely deserve a whole lot of pain.

Your hopefully ex boyfriend is a douche and your sister is well.. I don't wanna say since she is your sister. But fyl op I hope you beat both their asses and kicked them the hell out of your room and house.