By mystery / Saturday 7 December 2013 21:55 / United States - Minot
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  little_one1  |  14

OP I can honestly say I hope you dumped his worthless ass! As for your sister I think it's time for a VERY, VERY serious talk about what she can and can't use of yours. FYL OP, I hope things get better!

  sarahhanlen  |  11

That seems very fitting, no boyfriend is worth your time if he can do that. And your sister? I think you guys need to work on your relationship but she definitely needs to rethink who she is. It is NOT okay to sleep with your sisters boyfriend. Hope you'll be okay OP

  Sports_guy3  |  28

Stop wasting water, OP! Set a timer or something to 5 minutes. And don't be surprised if your sister says she's pregnant.


op I've been in your situation.. my sister did the same thing basically and I haven't talked to her in years. and that piece of shit is long gone. theres better people in the world..continue on and succeed in life!

  MrsDruidess  |  23

Sister! You run the risk of a guy breaking your heart and possibly cheating, that's part of the dating game, but thats not something you expect from your sister. The guy can be replaced, the sisters betrayal will be life long! My heart goes out to you OP!

  Gondii  |  3

Studies have shown that the best predictor of happiness in later life is good relations with your siblings.

So it's nice OP and her sister have an experience they share in common now.

  Gondii  |  3

#40 - I'm not sure I can post links here, but it follows from a Harvard study following 268 men for 72 years. The director of the study is named George Vaillant. There was a piece on it in the Atlantic by Joshua Wolf Shenk, titled "What makes us happy?". That should give you enough google fodder to find it.

  wysegirl  |  16

I would say sister he's replaceable.

By  samimarie199  |  22

Your hopefully ex boyfriend is a douche and your sister is well.. I don't wanna say since she is your sister. But fyl op I hope you beat both their asses and kicked them the hell out of your room and house.