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Today, I found out you can get hemorrhoids during labor even if you have a c-section. FML
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hopsinlove17 26

You just knew your baby was gonna be a pain in the ass(; all jokes aside, congrats op! Hope you get well soon.

Aw. Hang in there OP. Congrats on the new baby though! Feel better!


Aw. Hang in there OP. Congrats on the new baby though! Feel better!

Oof. Get well soon, OP, and congrats on the kid!

hopsinlove17 26

You just knew your baby was gonna be a pain in the ass(; all jokes aside, congrats op! Hope you get well soon.

They say giving birth is the most painful experience for a human, coupled with hemorrhoids must be something else. Congrats on the baby! Get well soon.

I heard getting punched in the nuts was the most painful experience but I don't wanna find out :)

They say being born is probably the most painful experience, not giving birth.

let's not start the giving birth vs kicked in the balls debate.

I always heard being born is the most painful experience as well. Your body being squeezed every few min for hours as your head is pushed against the pelvis and your skull is crushed and moulded to fit through a canal approximately 10cm wide. Lucky we don't remember it. From women who have experienced both within a short time, kidney stones apparently out ranks labour. And cluster headaches AKA suicide headaches don't sound like a lot of fun either. But Complex Regional Pain Syndrome sounds like the worst. People say it feels like your bones are being crushed, which also sounds a little like being born, except the process of being born lasts for under 24 hours (generally and hopefully) and CRPS lasts for years.

Kidney stones are an absolute bitch to have, but I'd be surprised if that actually outranked giving birth to a child. Although kidney stone pains can last days or weeks, and labor (usually) lasts less than a day...

It depends on the person, and the labour and the kidney stone as well. I've had patients that have given birth naturally and have said that it wasn't any where near as bad as they thought it was going to be. There are a lot of variables in childbirth, a baby with head in the wrong position is going to cause a lot more back pain than a baby in the right position. I've had several women who have had kidney stones while pregnant, and they said they would give birth any day rather than have a kidney stone. At least with labour pains you are working towards something positive (hopefully) and they get a baby at the end, rather than a stone.

37, you don't have to clean shit off a stone or listen to its wailing after you've passed it, so I'd gladly take the kidney stone!

It isnt! Especially according to the McGill Pain Index. The most painful thing is CRPS, and its continuous for the rest of your life.

tantanpanda 26

Correct me if I'm wrong, but women secrete oxytocin when they're in labor and it increases their emotions towards the child. This is probably why woman say kidney stones hurt more than child birth.

This is true. My mom said it happened to her when she had me. -__-

Mathalamus 24

.... what? i am literally unable to process that.

This same thing happened to my mum when she had me. She had a c-section and hemorrhoids from pushing too hard.

C-section and pushing too hard?I'm pretty sure you're not pushing a baby out of your body during a c-section.

She could have tried having a vaginal birth, but had a c-section because labor was not progressing or the baby was in danger.

Yeah I'm pretty sure my mum knows what's she's talking about when it comes to my birth. I wouldn't come out the normal way so she had to have a c-section.

Excuse me, but you don't have to be rude. I didn't know.

Misswildsides 22

I know what you mean, 34 I read it wrong too and was questioning if she knew a vaginal birth and c-section are different.

Its still hard to poop after a csection too.

You still have to push even if you are going to have a c-section, the baby needs to get in the proper spot before they can cut it out.