By partygirlxxx - 24/05/2009 03:01 - United States

Today, for my birthday, my brother gave me some of those fake 'Harry Potter' edible cockroaches. I ate one. It wasn't fake. FML
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how do you not know its real?

there are no Harry potter edible cockroaches. that's chocolate frogs


how do you not know its real?

drifter5031 0

if I were him I'd kick some ass.

the cockroach is edible --- did you die from eating it? anything that does not harm you by eating it is considered 'edible.' and therefor not an FML, just a little healthy protein, though it may not have tasted very good.

there are no Harry potter edible cockroaches. that's chocolate frogs

you know what isn't real? this FML

Fmyspam 0

Evidently, you don't.

117 - like three years later, but anyway, there's cockroach clusters for anyone interested

wsdarrah 14

They're called Cockroach Clusters. I've had them, they're good. :)

So he gave you dead cockroaches, which I'm assuming were unwrapped, and you weren't suspicious?

It's not so bad to eat a cockroach. People eat bugs/spiders around the world.

I do believe the correct term is 'cockroach cluster'. I've eaten roast cockroach cakes before, and they weren't so bad. Raw? Projectile vomiting sounds like a good option.

What did it taste like? I'd imagine it'd be awful, because they smell terrible when you crush them.

ew. I'm sure cockroaches are pretty nutritious though. He was just being sweet, caring about your health. aw.

AntiChrist7 0

YDI for wanting to eat anything with Harry Potter on.

How can you not tell that the cockroach was real ? even if it was alive or dead ? this FML goes both ways . FYL cause you ate a cockroach & cause your brother is apparently an ass , & YDI for not knowing what a real cockroach looks like .