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  Gibby_fml  |  0

the cockroach is edible --- did you die from eating it? anything that does not harm you by eating it is considered 'edible.' and therefor not an FML, just a little healthy protein, though it may not have tasted very good.

By  Headcase  |  0

I do believe the correct term is 'cockroach cluster'. I've eaten roast cockroach cakes before, and they weren't so bad. Raw? Projectile vomiting sounds like a good option.

By  Madalena_fml  |  0

How can you not tell that the cockroach was real ? even if it was alive or dead ?

this FML goes both ways .
FYL cause you ate a cockroach & cause your brother is apparently an ass , & YDI for not knowing what a real cockroach looks like .