By EliTheAdorable - United States - Grand Prairie
Today, I dyed a friend's hair dark brown. She assured me I didn't need gloves as the dye would wash off. It didn't. My shift as a server is in an hour and it looks like I've been working in a tire shop my whole life. Goodbye tips, hello angry customers not wanting me anywhere near their food. FML
EliTheAdorable tells us more :
All of you who gave me things to say to customers, they were hilarious! Also, I'd like to explain a little bit. The reason she didn't have any gloves for me to wear is because the hair dye she bought didn't come in a box. It was two metal tubes of the stuff in a bag, that was it! I knew better but let her talk me into it anyway. It's definitely my fault, I take full responsibility because I've dyed hair before (mine, mainly) and I know what it can do and if she had told me about it any sooner, I would have brought my own gloves. Oh well, just another funny story to tell. As for work, I went up to the restaurant (I don't live more than 2 miles away) showed my manager my hands and explained the situation. He laughed about and was understanding. Luckily, someone was able to cover my shift, I just needed to clean my hands ASAP! Thank you for all of the suggestions on how to get it off! They're returning to their normal shade of porcelain white (which makes it even more obvious) but I'm definitely going to speed up the process! Sorry for the long comment!
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  Mossy93  |  8

OP is just dumb on this one read the box I'm a guy and know better than putting dye on my hands and thinking it will wash off it doesn't wash off hair dose it

  mageepaigeee44  |  15

I've used hair dyes that don't stain my skin. I almost always get some on my skin even though I always wear gloves. That being said, the chemicals are really not good for you. That's why you're not supposed to massage hair dye into your scalp. So OP made a pretty dumb mistake.

  Emiler98  |  11

Op could say she has a rare skin condition. When customers question her she could get really emotional about it and she might end up getting a few good tips

  hystericsky  |  11

I hate wearing gloves because it makes me feel like I can't get into the hair as well. I've been dying my hair eccentric colors for 4 years so I've had the stained hands. Through my experience make up wipes, acetone (like nail polish remover), or just time will take off the stain from hands, necks, and foreheads quite nicely. Anyway I just came to say I hate wearing gloves, it's a matter of preference and if you're willing to deal with the consequences.

  doodlecloud  |  26

You can't dye things lighter...that's bleaching. Though I suppose you could attempt that with bleach that's safe for use on skin....wouldn't be cheap though.