By Tiber46 - 26/05/2013 08:33 - United States - Long Beach

Today, the vet sent me an email wishing my kitten a happy 2nd birthday. My cat died last year. FML
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michaelm1290 23

Those things are automated, don't take it personally.

I now declare the cat puns to be unleashed! This will be a catastrophe.


I'm sorry OP :( That is extremely rude on the vet's part

While I understand what you are saying, the veterinarian may not have been aware of the cat's death.

I don't know if it would be the same over there but where I'm from they have it all on file and sometimes forget to update the status of the animal.... Sorry for your loss op

bybib 20

@13 I think 9 was referring to the kittens date of birth rather then date of death. Hence why the card was mistakenly sent out. But yea unless you speak to the vet for what ever reason they can't be expected to know when a pet passes. Least that's how I read it.

Those messages are automated so they didn't even know it was sent. The vets sent us letters telling us that our dead golden needed her shots. Though the vets office IS to blame for her death. They removed tumors but left a clearly visible one on, told us she was going to be fine, never corrected their mistake and let the cancer spread, and she died a painful death. She bled out.

31 are you sure it's the vets fault? Maybe the tumor that was left was so small they didn't see it, or in a place they couldn't remove it......obviously I don't know the situation, but maybe it actually wasn't their fault. Sorry for your loss, that's always hard!

It was right beside the one they removed and large. We thought at first it was swelling from the surgery but if it was THAT big with their trained veterinarian eye, they should have known.

37, wow that's terrible! I'm sorry for your loss!

PikachuBuddy 8

Oh my gosh. That is horrible!!

I now declare the cat puns to be unleashed! This will be a catastrophe.

Chelsea_bella 20

You've cat to be kitten me right meow.

Kc1001 14


Yeah, that's happened to me before. Just let the vet know about their mistake.

michaelm1290 23

Those things are automated, don't take it personally.

Ouch OP. FYL fur sure!

I fell in.. To a burning ring of fire!

I know how you feel. I'm still getting birthday coupons from PetSmart for two dogs that died 5 years ago.

Well, pull my whiskers, you gotta be kitten me right meow!

I went down down down, and the flames went higher.

Mark the email as spam or notify the bet that you are not interested in receiving emails like that from them anymore. It's just a heartbreaking reminder. :(

Would have been less heartbreaking had she actually notified the vet after the cat died. Unless you have a cat with a medical problem, they usually don't go to the vet much after they have their baby shots.

Have you made your vet aware that you cat had used up all of its 9 lives? If not how was he to know?