By Cat Ashes - 05/12/2013 05:18 - United States - Dewitt

Today, I received an unexpected package from my mother. It contained my cat's ashes. Apparently he died 3 weeks ago and she thought this was the best way to tell me. FML
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footballfreak65 6

Well that was pretty insensitive R.I.P OP's cat


oj101 33

So Walt, did you use ricin or Lilly of the valley on the cat? And I'd have thought that you would have disposed of the cat with hydrofluoric acid.

I told that pop tart cat it wasn't healthy to have a rainbow shooting out its ass....I told him... :(

footballfreak65 6

Well that was pretty insensitive R.I.P OP's cat

caohm 18

so not email not a call not a visit not Facebook not a text not even a letter just dead cat ashes themselves for you to cry over. I hope this doesn't happen when a family member dies.

Wow ouch I'm sorry for you OP. Rest in peace cat.

silverhuntress 4

Why didn't she tell you??? That's pretty sad. I'm mo cat lubber, but fyl!!! :P

IworkAt711 14

He probably meant Cat Blubber. Like Whale Blubber, but with meow-re blubber.

#44 but he/she did. Too late. The damage has been done.

That's terrible, OP. I'm sorry for your loss, my family has two cats and they are like children to me

I'm ash-amed she didn't allow you the proper funeral rights.

Finally, the first good pun I have ever seen on this site

If that's the first good pun you've seen, you must be brand spankin' new around here.

I remember at the height of his reign pleonasm used to respond to nearly every FML with strains of puns that were beautiful. There are also plenty of other good puns but I always think of those comments.

Wizardo 33

Tell me about it Doc, I keep seeing fresh faces here acting all mushy and sensitive. That's just what's we need, a moral epicentre on this site!

PUN PUN PUN PUN ******* PUN ************!!!

I'm hoping the ashes were in an urn, it would be terrible if the ashes were just in the box. Sorry for your loss OP!

She should have sent the body instead?

vencku 13

At least the mom had the animal cremated. If my cat dies and someone sees it, they put the body out for me to find. Or if it's a small bird I have carefully reared that they left out of the cage for the cat to kill, they put it in my cupboard. Or if it's a rabbit, they put the corpse on my heater...

That sounds absolutely horrible. We buried my dog in the backyard.