By Anonymous - 03/09/2009 12:54 - United Kingdom

Today, I had to catch a coach to London at 4 in the morning. I was late so I had to take any free seat, so sat down next to a seemingly sweet old man. Within ten minutes, the sweet old man was trying to kiss me and trying to pull me on top of him. Nobody said anything. The journey was 4 hours long. FML
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jts2 3

Should've reported him to someone or something. (I have no idea how things like this would be handled, I don't fly.) But yeah, that sucks. :/

fxdxhk90 0

Did he repeat the phrase "me scuzzy, me scuzi" over again? Seriously though, it would have been appropriate to sock him in the skull, people that do things like this are just asking for an ass kicking, you should have provided it.


fmlfmlfml15 0

OP, just because nobody else said anything, that didn't mean you shouldn't. Why would you put up with that for 4 hours straight?

Mirequetz 6

I'm still wondering why the train would be so packed at 4:00 am.

fmlfmlfml15 0

he didn't say...OHHHH i see it now lol. and yes that does sounds strange. hmmm..............

Good point. Coaches can easily be crowded, too. It was probably full of blue-collar workers.

Achall91 17

I hate when people put "first" yes we all have eyes and we can probably all read if we're on this site.

jts2 3

Should've reported him to someone or something. (I have no idea how things like this would be handled, I don't fly.) But yeah, that sucks. :/

monnanon 13

um a coach is a bus not an aeroplane she didnt fly either :) but yeah i agree with you she really should have reported it. Not much you can do on a bus when no one is taking any notice of something like that tho :S

Sister screwtaylor speaks the truth! You make this old dog tear up a little.

the_stereotype 0

the "ho, ho, ho, come sit on my lap" certainly explains it all. Santa or not...i would have given that man a bloody nose

screwtaylor 0

Yeah, I just compared him to Santa Claus in #5. Also when I was younger I used to go to the mall on christmas and the Santa Claus would give everybody a kiss on the cheek.

Ok guys, just too clear this up. A coach is not a train or a plane, nor is it a regular type of bus, it is a large bus that you can hire to take large groups of people places. It doesn't stop at bus stops. A regular bus goes along one route stopping to pick up passengers, capeesh?

can u not read? what are u on about.. there was no bus involved

FozzieGirl 0

Or a coach can be a long distance bus that stops occasionally, like in city centres, a bit like a train but, you know, also a bit like a bus

#84 is right. A coach is a bus, almost like your Greyhound busses.

I feel sorry for you, some people... O.o

We may be a small place but we can still fly from one place to another.

And I was totally expecting to read "redneck land" in your origins in your profile. Go stereotype your own country, not mine.

jts2 3

Haha. Mean, but true. And like I said, eman, I'm sorry about that. I didn't read over everything; Lack of sleep the previous night kind of screws you up.

mastory96 0

kick him in the balls. solves all MY problems.

Wow. People are somewhat stupid nowadays. As everyone else said, Coach is a bus...

youlose_ 0

reminds me of the eurotrip train scene lol

satanstoystore 0