By shunned - 03/11/2010 13:13 - United Kingdom

Today, two months after moving up to Scotland to be with my fiancé, he broke up with me because he 'didn't love me anymore and hadn't for a long time.' Shame he didn't tell me that when he was saying 'I love you, I want to marry you', having sex with me, and using my savings for a deposit on a flat. FML
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haha Finally I get First!! haha Suck it OP! YDI!!

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that's the thing about these here either get it right or look entirely stupid when you post something. :)

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better luck next time number too. at least your not gay though.

hey, enoy the view while you're here. sorry bout all the rain lately.

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what a dick. =| ruin his freaking life. D:<

At least you know what you are good for now.

Can we maybe get some new and original posts? I'm pretty sure I've read about a billion posts almost identical to this one. Too predictable.

That guy sounds like a jerk, hopefully you can get your savings back and walk away counting it as a blessing.


YDI for letting yourself be used like that, how could you not see it coming?