By aero00 - 27/07/2010 17:08 - United States

Today, I was fooling around on the trampoline with this guy, when a bounce caused us to bang our heads together, knocking me out cold. FML
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KiddNYC1O 20

at least you banged him!

YellowCatch 0

bounce chika bounce bounce!


KiddNYC1O 20

at least you banged him!

KiddNYC1O 20


he took advantage of u while u were out

bonicr 0

#1 read my reply to you on the FML about the tick and you'll see how that applies. Sicko...

KIDDNYC10 your not ment to say that your own comment is a win. 

KiddNYC1O 20

#20 I don't see it? and sorry that you got offended

twinny_sc 13

Safe sex is great sex :D

fooling around with "some guy". you mean you don't know his name?

tman118 0

fuck you

Op at least you weren't concious and didn't have to feel the initial pain or embarassment which he did and Boing!

1 is a win and a half

Shookitup 0

why would you do that on a trampoline?? isn't it usually outside?

^ Maybe she didn't mean fooling around like that? dirty mind?...

Shookitup 0

^^^ I highly doubt they were tickling eachother like little school girls -_-

^^^^ that was hilarious, cutie!

oarisimo 4

43-some people live on private property or have fences. so unless they were jumping really high while naked I doubt anyone would notice, especially if it were dark. But maybe they were, who knows?! lol

so u were left there knocked out with a rather horny person u don't even knw well enough to stop referring to him as "some guy" hmmm....

azhein 0

were there other people on the trampoline because I don't see why there was a hard enough bounce to knock you out otherwise

tifa608 4

lol tht true

sk8trzero53 0

ha total win #1

did you notice your hymen was gone?

Sowwy :'( that sucks..

he prolly raped you while u were out...

hahaha that aucks

killersnake33 0

lol my guess is he finished

Erh96 0

Ooooh it sounds like that would be hot. But FYL for that!

although I also had to see my brother have sex w his gf on my trampoline a few years back

KrystalCaliyah 0

you should pull your shirt up

shepaintsmusic 6


you should just burn that shirt...

Better yet, just keep your pictures off the internet in general.

Wow guys thats rude...

You're rude to point out that they were bein ruse. (And yes, it was rude of me to say this. But I don't give a fuck.)

Whats rude is scrolling down the comments and all of a sudden a hippo in a green shirt is staring up at you.

supertaylor 0

at least he didn't rape you

It's going to be a long list if you want to sum up all unrelated 'at least this and that didn't happen'. It doesn't make sense either.

TaylorTotsYumm 10

Atleast you didn't get pooped on by a pokémon.

Or did he? -XFile theme-

jumpinurpants 0

niceeeee. not

xtfauthorx 0

I love your picture, it's so original ;)

loserboii 11

well you obviously remember it