By tuppu - Finland
  Today, waking up I noticed that my female boss had texted me during the night, telling me she wants me bad. I'm a woman, happily married to a man, and now have to turn her down somehow and not get fired in the process. FML
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  KingDingALing  |  9

But before the sex, there is a will go something like this...

"So you want to do it, boss?"
"Yeah! I want you really bad!"
"Well...there's a problem. You see, I'm not a lesbian..."
"Fuck you. You're fired."
"But I need this job!"
"To bad. You should've had sex with me and you would've gotten a nice raise. Unfortunately for you, you are now jobless."
"...If I suck you off, can I have my job back?"
"Now you're talking!"

  MrSassypants  |  32

I agree with 51 the most but OP kinda pretend that you did then bring a recorder just in case and then when/if she confronts you about it then you can say you didn't receive one and ask about what it was, then record it then you can say no to her and if she fires you you can take it to court and have two types of evidence.

  Flutist  |  3

You're retarded. Why "text" her back about it? What would Op say, "Hey I got the text about you wanting to do me. I am strictly dickly, so sorry, see you Monday." If the text was missent then the Op is in for some embarrassment, if the Boss was drunk then she might not even remember it. If it was serious and the Op is uncomfortable with it, she should go talk to her boss in private, say "I think you sent the wrong text to me" and then if the Boss continues, the Op should bring it up to the board--only if the Op wants to go through all the trouble. IF not then ignore it and pretend it never happened.

By  LOLSWAT  |  0

wrong number? still keep an open mind. ur in for one hell of a promotion if you play ur cards right. plus now u can blackmail her if shit turn sour and uve got job security as well as a horny friend. and ur husband will be a happy man if he gets to watch.

  joethemaggio  |  0

what makes you think her husband would be happy about watching his wife cheat on him?! not to mention with another woman! I know I'd be wayyyy more pissed off at my wife if I found out she cheated on me AND she was a homosexual!!!!


98, he's a homophobe because he said he would be pissed to not only find out that his wife was cheating, but to also find out that she was homosexual. Sounds like homophobia to me.

  tbe99  |  2

Not necessarily homophobia. I'd be pretty pissed to find out my significant other had been hiding part of their sexuality from me for a long time. And I'm totally okay with lesbianism.

  KaySL  |  24

Most guys are okay with lesbianism, even if it is usually because they fantasise about getting laid with a pair, who incidentally would be completely turned off by such a thought. But whatever. How do you feel about gay MEN?

  fmlisforlols  |  0

#109, try again, retard. He'd be upset because his wife LIED about her sexuality, for however long they have been together. Sorry he didn't specify for a deficient little fuck like you, but it's clear to anyone else.


it sounds like 26 would rather have his wife cheat with another man then with a woman. There is a hint of homophobia in his comment and those saying that there isn't are making assumptions... maybe he could clarify this for us.

  jal10a  |  1

126 but u also have to b making an assumption off of his comment rather than speaking with him directly and saying it's worse if she was cheating with a girl doesn't exactly mean he's a homophobe

  Flutist  |  3

1. He would be upset if his wife cheated--with a man or a woman, period.
2. Obviously he would be pissed if his wife turned out to be homosexual (not bisexual) because it would mean he was a fool and married a woman who lied to him and does not sexually like him. I would be pissed to learn my significant other was lying to me about who they really were and perhaps 'forcing' themselves to be with me out of some guilt.
3. Even if he is homophobic his comment does not necessarily say that he is. We are on a message board about a woman who was supposedly hit on by her female boss. You guys started the comments about having a threesome, he was just stating that in THIS SITUATION he would be pissed to learn his wife was both a liar and a cheat, and on top of that might not be with him for very long due to her new sexuality change.
4. It seems to me that if his wife were bisexual he would not mind, but any straight man who loves his wife would not want to learn that his wife is really a lesbian and does not truly want him sexually.

By  lol_ironic_life  |  9

Wow interesting situation can do many things here.

- Ignore the text like it never happened.
- Take your boss on her desk and film it, profit? (Hubby doesn't have to know ;))
- Find a new job.
- Or ask hubby to join, errybody happy!