By Anonymous - 19/12/2010 00:14 - United States

Today, trying to be romantic, I started giving my boyfriend a neck massage. He gave me a weirded-out look, removed my hand, called me creep, and wouldn't let me touch him for the rest of the day. FML
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nicesprites 4

are you sure he was your boyfriend?

Lol try rubbing something else next time(; or kick it...


Lol try rubbing something else next time(; or kick it...

Screw you for trying to be trendy by placing a lowercase i in front of your name.

obviously you have man hands. it's a disease that affects 10% of people. your bf probably felt like a guy was coming onto him.

Alpha35 4


#41 Assuming an even distribution of "man hands" throughout the population, let's assume only 5 % women and 5 % men have man hands. My question is what do the rest of the men have if they don't have "man hands"?

bman134 0

when will girls lean if you want to be romantic just grab it and give it a kiss

#70 Ten percent of women have men's hands, so I guess 10% of all guys should have female-ish hands?

habeybaby25 11

Hey! I do not have man hands! I have little soft hands thank you very much! :)

CumShott 0

Hahaha, i actually laughed out loud xD

XxxT3rr4xxX 25

who doesn't like a neck massage? unless you snuck up on him then it would be creepy.

TengoCojones 0

.. should've been in the kitchen

Agreed, the only time a woman should leave the kitchen is for sex, and you don't necessarily NEED to leave the kitchen for that....

haquai 0

Your cousin is an obese lard who deserves to be injected with HIV

sexist bitch I hope yuh go to hell and rot like my moms ******

very_ugly_girl 0

Very true, in the kitchen making food for their man only. After that clean the home and go to the closet to sleep.

nicesprites 4

are you sure he was your boyfriend?

op was probably referring to her brother... keep in mind they are from iowa..

#14 Oh so funny, never heard that one before. You are so clever aren't you?

awh 16 so pleasant of you to comment :) thanks for the feed back :)

gators1995 30

I would love it if my future gf gave me a massage

haha ewhh op you probably have scaly old crocodile hands. rub some lotion on those hands and you and your bf will have a better time than just a neck rub :)

They say the way to a man's heart is through his stomach. I say the way to a man's heart is through his sternum.

Nah, DocBeast rips it open with his bare hands!

doctors dont use bare hands. thats unsanitary.

You're thinking of "bear" hands. No offense to my good friend Winnie the Pooh, but that would be unsanitary!

EarAcheMyEYE10 2

koriee22- beautiful... on the op, he's gay fir sure.... drop that moron and find yourself a regular dude!!!