By River - 18/07/2015 04:08 - Oranjestad

Today, my boyfriend's idiotic friend shoved me into a stream so I could be "reunited" with my family, since my name is River. The first thing I saw as I climbed out, soaking wet, was my boyfriend high-fiving his friend. FML
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Sorry OP, They both sound like immature asshats. You shouldn't be with someone that won't stick up for you.

You've picked a real winner.


You've picked a real winner.

He shouldn't have acted like that! Also, I've always thought River is a beautiful name.

Sorry OP, They both sound like immature asshats. You shouldn't be with someone that won't stick up for you.

Cayers97 12

Got to admit it though number 2 it was highly original haha

Your comment is pretty irrelevant. How does being #2 have to do with being original?

74- You get confused VERY easily don't you?

Sounds like he needs to meet a knee to the tackle box.

Or High Five his face.

Plan your revenge!

You mean ex-boyfriend, right?

_guy_j 12

OK no. OP shouldn't break up with her bf just cause he didn't do anything when she got pushed into a river. What a dumb reason that would be.

#5 Christ almighty, come up with something original to say. This is way too overused.

#5- Ahh, FML, where everyones solution to a problem is breaking up with someone

#7 I don't think a break up would necessarily be the right move. but she definitely should be with someone who respects her and is willing to stand up for her. People can get really hurt being pushed into streams and it's plane rude. they obviously don't have the same sense of humor if he thinks it's funny and she's making an fml

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Your boyfriend sucks.

As long as he does it well, OP shouldn't have a problem

I'm not sure what's going on in that twisted head of yours, but it seems like you have their roles reversed.

I say plan your revenge. Water you going to do OP?

Not the worst pun I've heard.

@12 but not the best…

Is your boyfriends name dick?

Does the Today, Today, in the post bother anyone else or is just me?

_guy_j 12

I'm surprised this made it past moderation

tiredofwaiting 25

Get him back when he least expects it.