By wtf dad - 22/7/2020 23:00

Property law

Today, I asked my boyfriend, who’s a massage therapist, if he could help my mom with her chronic migraines by massaging her head and neck. My dad came home, saw them in the dimly lit room and knocked my boyfriend out cold for "touching his woman." My boyfriend dumped me and wants my dad arrested. FML
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By  Jman212  |  6

Did he dump you for what your dad did or because you took your dads side? Honestly it sounds like your boyfriend is a way better man than your father. He goes out of his way to help your family for free because he cares about you and gets assaulted out of the blue. So what are you gonna do? Make excuses for a peace of shit dad or get him back and stand by him since he was a good boyfriend that actually gives a shit about you.