By not even a sexy bushfire - Australia - Kelmscott
Today, my boyfriend and I went on a romantic date to a botanical garden in the hills. A giant bushfire erupted in the hills on our way, meaning we're now stuck out here because the roads are closed. So romantic. FML
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  jezane  |  9

Fun fact: For the past 10,000 years there has been a bush fire constantly burning somewhere in Australia, possibly longer yet it is inaccurate to estimate how far back.

  nogood9  |  4

I bet the boyfriend planned it. He secretly plants a firebomb in bushes and remotely detonates it. Voila, they're "trapped" in a botanical garden together.


It's amazing, the things that get fellow FML-ers going. Thread jacking overused puns, and disputed opinions. I haven't read the official FML handbook, but I'm almost sure there are no rules for the aforementioned offenses. The only thing more obnoxious than the people who break these unwritten rules are the ones who point them out.