By not even a sexy bushfire - 25/10/2012 16:27 - Australia - Kelmscott

Today, my boyfriend and I went on a romantic date to a botanical garden in the hills. A giant bushfire erupted in the hills on our way, meaning we're now stuck out here because the roads are closed. So romantic. FML
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RpiesSPIES 27

You could always make the best of the, as you put it, 'romantic' situation.


RpiesSPIES 27

You could always make the best of the, as you put it, 'romantic' situation.

1: Agreed. Trapped together because of a situation beyond their control? Sounds romantic to me. OP should get off FML and start makin' out.

Still, million times better story than twilight.

Fun fact: For the past 10,000 years there has been a bush fire constantly burning somewhere in Australia, possibly longer yet it is inaccurate to estimate how far back.

I bet the boyfriend planned it. He secretly plants a firebomb in bushes and remotely detonates it. Voila, they're "trapped" in a botanical garden together.

How about you make light of the situation, at least you weren't trapped in the fire

Psych101 9

Pun intentional? (Make LIGHT of the situation)

perdix 29

Bushfires can really dampen romance. Antibiotics can fix you right up.

Inheritance 10

Bright side; no candles needed, you have one giant candle close by.

Right over your head, 19. Unless you're threadjacking.

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It's amazing, the things that get fellow FML-ers going. Thread jacking overused puns, and disputed opinions. I haven't read the official FML handbook, but I'm almost sure there are no rules for the aforementioned offenses. The only thing more obnoxious than the people who break these unwritten rules are the ones who point them out.

Hiimhaileypotter 52

Blessing in disguise? Hey, you get more time with it. Plus it'd be a funny story to tell. :)

It will be many years later - at dinner parties.

Things must've got pretty hot up there, huh?

I don't see what's wrong. I always thought romantic dates took place in front of a fireplace. Mother Nature has given you one of her own.

daringtoride 27

Try to make the best of it, OP. You are with your significant other, after all.

Damn. What bad luck. Look on the bright side though. At least you weren't caught in it and now you get to spend some quality time together.