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Were you in a waiting room adding those people, to finally notice him sitting across you, add him, and eventually gasp when he muttered, "I don't want to be your friend"?...

  littlekellilee  |  45

When you meet people, does your Facebook auto-add them? Do people who have no Facebook have no friends?

I am very selective with my Facebook friends. I don't add people that I know somewhat, I only add actual friends. Usually I don't even add the guy I'm dating until after we're serious.

  RpiesSPIES  |  27

#34 I see nothing here that would relate to Gasai Yuno here, the only way it'd somewhat make sense is if she were peering through a window, or a crack in the door, while inside a bunny mascot outfit.

  cryptic26  |  12

I am exactly this way. I have Facebook and rarely get on it. Maybe quarterly even if someone made me check it. The co-coworkers who have requested me all know I dont get on, because they realize I still haven't accepted after a month and say something. I had one actually stand behind me to make sure I did and another write FINALLY BITCH when I accepted 2 months later,which I see on a daily basis. (Work in IT sales with characters). And even when other people request, it really won't happen ever. Already friends with the ones that matter and don't need to see my info. Point is not everyone gets on Facebook nor when we do accept people other than good friends, eventually. :-)

  tori99  |  7

They are probably afraid the other person will think they are stalking them if it's just a random add or wonder what made them think of them to want to add them in the first place

By  JimmyHasNoHands  |  7

5+ years ago it would be shameful for this to be on FML. what has the world come to... If you like him you should try talking to him. It doesn't matter who you are friends with on Facebook.

  BTF989  |  19

Some people have their profile set where other people can't message them, unless they are a friend. This may be the case, but who knows besides OP?

  jo0owe  |  9

message him, comon she's suppose to have a crush on him, implying that she know him. why didnt she Just talk to him, any Guy i know would be glade to have that kind of attention