By creeper-status - 05/05/2016 17:37 - United States - Irvine

Today, I made a new friend at my college campus, which was great, until I added him on Facebook and he started liking posts from 3 years ago, asking if he could be my "dirty little secret" because he knows that I have a boyfriend. FML
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Time to un-friend him.

Give him a quick block


I mean a little Facebook stalking is normal, but that's just weird and creepy.

I think thy goes one step further into psychotic "I'm going to tie you up and throw you in my dead parents basement" if you don't agree kind of thing.

That song came to my mind as well!

Oh yes, so secret you forget about him entirely!

Time to un-friend him.

Give him a quick block

Hit that big red button, the block button that is

Ah college, a bunch of immature kids trying to learn how to be adults.

There really needs to be an adulting course at all colleges.

Block him and tell him the exact reason why. Let your boyfriend know that the guy tried to convince you to cheat on him so he doesn't hear it from someone else once it gets warped by the rumor mill. Finally, keep an eye out in case he starts stalking you physically, and invest in either a taser or pepper spray. Or both.

Why are people so damn weird??