By HolyyMolyy


Today, I was ecstatic to have received a friend request from my crush of grade 4 after 11 years. He's grown up to be such a hottie. I quickly accepted his request, he messaged me and we ended up chatting for hours. Later, when I messaged him, he called me clingy and unfriended me from Facebook. FML
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  Tarlachia  |  33

Yeah, no true bibliophile likes collections that are scattered all over the place.

Oh, you mean cannon. In that case, his cannon balls probably lack real substance.

  Bearsmomma  |  30

OP may have tried tracking him down through the years, but was unable to find him. It's happened to me. Especially with common names. Or if they've moved far away.

  DoomedGemini  |  37

This is kinda..opposite from typical fuckboi behavior? Op messaged him, typically its if women don't respond within a certain limit of time or show no interest in sex with them that they blow up.

By  alex_gen  |  38

Uh, I want to see his side of the story, considering you did wait till you were 20/21 to talk to him. I mean, 11 years later, I don't have feelings for my 4th grade crush, and she's become a hottie, so, I'm wondering if you are indeed clingy.

  almost_there44  |  26

It doesn't have to say that word-for-word. It's clearly implied that she still feels a way for him or she wouldn't have replied. Plus him being a "hottie", might have had something to do with her very eager reply.

  ThatOneChick856  |  36

Having a crush on someone and finding them sexually attractive are not the same things. It's very possible that she got over him a long time ago, and noticed that he was pretty hot once HE friended HER, and her eagerness to talk to him now has only to do with current feelings/sexual attraction. The "4th grade crush" thing was possibly just a backstory.

By  almost_there44  |  26

I don't know why people are dumping on him. She's acting like she won the lottery because of a simple friend request. It sounds to me like she kept messaging him and he then did what he did. She does seems a little clingy.