Adding insult to injury

By Username - 10/02/2011 02:48 - United States

Today, I got into an accident and my car was totaled. My friends then took me out to a bar for a drink to make me feel better. It appears that the police officer I'd spoken to had kept my I.D. by mistake and I couldn't get into the bar. FML
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dude that would have sucked. should have been better if the took u home with some drinks n stuff

mmm being drunk :) something I had to give up as it started to take over my life at age 13 :/ looking or being young sucks though u have to work so much harder for a boot

You really didn't need that drink anyways. ( :

don't drink and drive. atleast your friends have someone sober to transport them home.

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#21....yeah that "someone" just wrecked her car n u think she should drive????

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1st mistake; she is a he. 2nd mistake; you assumed it was his fault, no where in OPs text does it say he totaled his own car.

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#33 if ur comment is towards me well 1st : it doesn't say he or she 2nd : this person was in an accident and shouldn't b driving right after 3rd mistake: don't ******* correct me. Thanks hun. :-)

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#33 I read that it was in fact a man

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kelita; what makes you think they shouldn't be driving? If you are not physically harmed, and you feel your fine mentally, go on, get back in and go. Totaled cars are a bit of a joke, seeing that it's easy to "total" some vehicles due to the low kelly blue book value and insurance coverage values. And before you jump in my shit over my comment, yes I have had a totaling accident, a young woman hit m in the drivers side door of an 88 jeep wrangler I had, messed up my left knee, and destroyed the jeep, once I got my ride home from the hospital, I drove right over to the holding yard for photos. that evening.

and kelita, you said her. so you did refer to OP as a she.

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#33 Back to what I was saying, now I know that it was a man. Also, all I was saying was that HE shouldn't b driving the same day of the accident. Oh and next time u can b nicer about trying to correct me, u don't have to come at me like a BITCH.

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#39 and 40 I corrected myself and now know it was a HE. Stop yapping and read that I put I DON'T THINK HE SHOULD BE DRIVING THE SAME DAY. Stop jumping on ma comment without reading that I'm being nice enough to correct maself. Y'all ain't gotta b assholes about it, just tell me nicely and I'll treat y'all nicely.

Kelita 0

I corrected maself so stop being assholes about it and read. If y'all treat me nicely then I'll b nice back. If y'all wanna b bitches well hell I can do that too.

final mistake Kelita, you are arguing with Internet tough guys and girls. You cannot win

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Actually, I directed that to her because she mentioned that she didn't think he need to be driving the same day as an accident, I followed with a short story of what has been my experience, and had no intent of attacking her. So in the end she decided to tear my comment a new asshole for no reason and continued to rant after that. Hopefully whatever seems to be causing that attitude will be removed soon. It seems to be causing a nasty infection.

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I'm not taking sides here, but OP shouldn't be driving right now anyway. If he gets pulled over without his license, he will get a fine, & possibly arrested. I never did that before, so I don't know how severe o a crime it is, but license & registration are always a must when officers pull you over. Damn 5-0... taking his ID & forgetting. Oh well, if they were that great, they'd go to a liquor store & just buy a bottle & take it home to have some fun with you... but they didn't. Your friends aren't so thoughtful OP...

Ali_Br_fml 33

*of* an that's why I hate touch keyboards. if you type it too fast, they may not register a touch, & you end up with errors... but I guess I should have spellchecked before I hit send...

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OP is a raging alcoholic and its destroying his family

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OP is a raging alcoholic and it's destroying his family..

Lol! That's too bad, but it makes me laugh.

Slip the door guy a $20, you'll be golden!

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Damn OP, that sucks. I know how you feel. I tried to go on a date with The Doc, but the people at the front door wouldn't let me in, it broke my heart.

Your car was totaled yet you were well enough to go out for a drink? What kind of car did you have? I want one!!

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9, it's pretty common. When I got into an accident, my car was pretty messed up, but I just had bruises and a few scratches. Nothing huge. That day I was well. The next day my body was sore and I could hardly move.

Doesn't take much to total your car sometimes. I found that out the hard way when I let my bro drive my car. :-/

oh I see. I just assumed if your car was totaled you would have been injured pretty bad, but I guess not then.

With the safety measures put on cars nowadays, the car will generally take a lot of the damage (especially in a rear or front end collision). On a longboarding forum I post on, someone got hit and their Subaru Legacy spun and the front end was pretty much a mess (the bumper pretty much became the windshield), but they walked away with just some bumps and bruises.

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17, exactly. The idiotic driver (an American in England) turned on the wrong side and crashed head on to me.

yea i was in an accident a lil over a year ago...i was fine that day but the next my neck was really sore and up until about a few months ago i couldnt turn my neck to the left cuz it wuld hurt...hope u ok tho OP

totaled a chevy Malibu back in December, and literally had to walk home from it... no one was either awake or sober enough to pick me up. but it's definitely possible to destroy a car and walk away.

I know a girl who got in a car accident and her car flipped about 5 times and she came out with no bruises or scars. thank god she was wearing a seat belt

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he's drivin a f**kin tank bro!!

Ya after I got into a accident this week the best thing for me was to go home and rest. Whiplash right? Rest up there's time for bar fun later

if you have a concussion I wouldn't do that.