By mael - 25/11/2008 08:54 - France

Today, I was looking for a magazine in my mother's bedside cabinet and I came across some daft test about sex. Apparently, my mother likes anal, oral, and my dad's cock is bent. Nauseous. FML
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Eir_fml 1

I'd have stopped reading before learning all of that.

i definitely don't think 90% of girls like anal sex! ewwwww


Eir_fml 1

I'd have stopped reading before learning all of that.

Actually I think all these people that commented before me and you are a little silly. Parents are humans too, we all have sex. Probably 90% of the girls like anal and oral, and 60% of penises are proved to be bent. What's so extraordinary about knowing your parents are normal? I don't get how this is FML. I don't understand why knowing your parents having sex is so disgusting for most people. It's not even like you didn't know it before, because you exist for the obvious reason of them having sex. Or you're so dumb you didn't realise it before.

i definitely don't think 90% of girls like anal sex! ewwwww

I doubt 90% of girls like anal, although probably nearly that number like oral. I also doubt, although I have no real evidence, that 60% of dicks are bent. I also doubt that you need a test to tell you whether one is bent or not. I don't see why this is a problem for the original poster, nor do I see why he was reading a sex test his parents took.

Paradoxasaurus 0

Statistics are off, but poster makes a point. It's completely normal to like anal and oral, and knowing your dad's bent isn't that unsettling. I'm on mobile, so I can't see, but the girl that said "ewwwww" when talking about anal should grow the hell up and learn about the big, exciting world of fetishes. Maybe that'll round your view off.

OMG Eryx, it might be the most normal thing in the world... but a normal person still wouldnt want to know that about their parents.

#5 shut up, it's kind of discusting knowing that your OWN parents have sex

Paradoxasaurus 0

Everyone KNOWS their parents have sex, you delusional bastard. It's only disgusting (a "g", contrary to popular belief) if you're immature.

That's being immature if you think that's nasty but a excuse would be if you walk in on them not that's a different story

If this was me, I'd cry. #5 needs to shut up. Just because you enjoy listening to/ watching your parents making love doesn't mean you have to share.

now that's something to talk about at the dinner table

#8 what;s so disgusting to know your parents have sex? .. is something normal..

Crimso 0

#5 do u enjoy watching your parents doing it? #4 dumbdumb ftw

eurghmylife 0

:O, id freak out! but you kinda deserve it, stop reading your parents stuff! :P